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Why Choose Jerusalem Computers ?

There is no shortage of computer and cellular labs in Jerusalem. In order to stick out, one needs to truly excel in its niche, and we do so by providing customer service that goes far and beyond what ‘Jerusalemites’ might expect from a computer lab.

We rely on word of mouth as our marketing strategy, and satisfied customers are our best salespersons. Besides our obsession with the physical safety of your computer and the speed of our repairs, a few other factors distinguish us from the rest…

We pride ourselves on service.

We love this country, but alas, it lacks some sensitivity to Customer Service . We work hard to make sure you are delighted with our performance – and that you will recommend us to your friends and family. We are happy to make a living working hard to satisfy clients at fair prices, and we know that that is the only true way to be successful in this day and age.

We work hard on making your life easier.

An emergency repair has to be as quick and efficient as possible. Whether you’re traveling and need us to pick up your laptop directly from your hotel,or you need a replacement laptop while your computer is being serviced, we go that extra mile to reduce stress and get you through your crisis.

We don’t snoop around in your data. Promise.

We truly value your privacy. We will never, EVER, peek at any of your personal data. Especially in this day and age where every aspect of our lives is digital, we recognize how private the content of one’s computer is. We forbid employees from opening any personal file on your computer without your consent , and the rule is strictly enforced – your private data will absolutely remain private.

We use only genuine replacement parts.

Oh, if you only knew how crazy the world of computer parts is. The price range is gigantic, but  so is the difference in quality. We learned the hard way that the only way to earn both a living and a dedicated happy customer, is by investing in the highest quality of spares, and are therefore using nothing but genuine parts (even though they cost dozens of times more than the identical cheap alternatives). Our colleagues say we’re crazy to do that, but we know that is the only way we can return a computer to a client and be assured that they’ll remain loyal and happy with our services for years to come. They might even Like us on Facebook… :)

We love what we do.

And in this business, that’s important. Too many computer technicians are in the business simply because they are minimally qualified. Since they know more than you about formatting hard drives and re-installing operating systems, they can charge you for it. We’re in this business because we love a good computer challenge. It may sound a little nerdy, but the more messed up your computer is, the more we enjoy fixing it,returning it to you as good as new – and even much better!

מעבדת מחשבים בירושלים המתמחה בתיקוני מקינטוש ופי סי, לפטופים וסמארטפונים. 


Clients Satisfaction

Michael Kaplan
poor customer service
7 years ago

A customer of mine dropped off a MacBook Pro that she was considering purchasing last week to Jerusalem Computers. She was told that the computer's inspection would be completed in a few hours. It took 4 days. When she picked up the computer, there were several issues: (1) a sticker was left on the laptop which took considerable effort to remove. (2) The battery was run down to 3%. (3) There was diagnostic software installed on the computer that should have been removed after the inspection. Customer service? Who returns a laptop with a run down battery, and with software installed that should have been removed? Who tells a customer that an inspection will be accomplished in 3 hrs and it takes 4 days?

Bryna Lee Jacobson
My Tech Tutor loves Jerusalem Computers
7 years ago

This is where I go to keep my Macbook humming. Thanks to Yonatan and staff for excellent and friendly service. Highly recommended! A pleasure and a relief to have them as a resource1 Bryna Lee Jacobson My Tech Tutor 050-7725767

Yiscah Smith
The friendliest
8 years ago

Yehonatan and Gal are awesome. I'm back home less than a week with a new MacBook Air that I bought in the States. It wasn't "behaving well" and I saw their ad on Janglo and went right over. Gal greeted me so nicely and Yehonatan fixed the hiccup within a few minutes. Their ad on Janglo is accurate and actually understates their friendliness and customer service. I hightly recommend them! I hope I don't need to return, but if anything happens again and I need computer help I will go directly to JERUSALEM COMPUTERS.

Greg Hall
Very friendly Service and expert advice
8 years ago

I highly recommend Jerusalem Computers. Johnathon was very helpful and knowledgable in solving my mac problems.

Allan Marks
Look nowhere else....the BEST DEAL.
8 years ago

writing this review on my new upgraded computer. JERUSALEM COMPUTERS fixed all the problems that i knew about, and found others that i didn't even know existed. I have now a brand new working system for 10% the cost of a new computer, which i had considered buying out of sheer frustrations with the pre-fixed one; and they finished the work, on time and for less then their original estimate. in other words...BRILLIANT.

Best Service I ever got
9 years ago

a few days ago my beloved macbook pro stopped working. a quick search in google lead me to jerusalem-computers. I delivered the computer to Jonathan who was very nice and professional. after just a few hours I got a call explaining what the problem is and what can be done to fix it. The next day the computer was delivered to my house working flawlessly :) after some bad experiences in the past with computer technicians in this country I really recommend Jonathan. the price was very fair, the service as quick and professional. Really felt like getting service in the states, not israel.

Found a great technician for my mac!
9 years ago

When I spilled a glass of water over my new (!) MacBook air, I panicked - specially that as a Mac owner for many many years, I know it is not an easy task to find a technician that both understands Macs, and won't rob me for it... I was so much relieved when I found Yehonatan, from Jerusalem Computers - Yehonatan came to my house to pick up the laptop, explained everything patiently, called me after he checked it, to specify what was damaged and what needed to be replaced, and to get my OK. After he fixed it - as good as new - he brought it back to my house, gave me a 6 months guarantee, and charged a fair price - What else can one ask for? Thank you!