Marc Gottlieb Creative Solutions Web Development


Marc Gottlieb Creative Solutions Web Development

With over fifteen years' experience, Marc Gottlieb can launch, manage or boost your online project beyond your expectations. In-house skills include:

  • HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL/JQuery/CodeIgnite
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Premiere
  • Advertising design, copywriting, editing
  • Statistical analysis, Google analytics
  • Hosting management, domain name management
  • Payment/sales systems, donations through Paypal and
  • Wordpress installation, maintenance, custom theme deign
  • SEO, social media management and growth, Facebook, Twitter
  • Project management, mainenance training, technical support

Most of Marc's professional career has been spent in the nonprofit sector, so he knows how to stay within budget and isn't afraid of the "little" jobs.

Marc has experience with multilingual sites and sites in a variety of industries in addition to nonprofit.

Pricing is flexible. Marc has no preference between hourly and per-project rates.


Clients Satisfaction

Moshe Egel-Tal
Amazing, quick, reliable
4 years ago

Marc transformed my website to a new level in a short period of time in an amazingly efficient way. He understood my needs and requests, was readily available, extremely service oriented and did an amazing job! Any issues or questions I had were answered promptly. I would highly recommend Marc's professional services to anyone. don't take my word for it, have a look for yourself: Thank you !!!!