Jacobs Plumbing and Heating - Plumber


Jacobs Plumbing and Heating - Plumber


Have you been looking for a plumbing service that will talk your language and offer the service you deserve? Look no further.

With over 10 years of experience in both American and Israeli plumbing systems we offer top of the line service with the most advanced tools on the market. Don't hesitate to call for a free estimate on any plumbing job that you need.

Our services range from:

  • Locating water leaks and repair (water, drain, heating pipes, etc.)
  • Unclogging drains and sewer mains
  • Water pressure issues
  • Dud shemesh/chashmal (water heater)
  • Installation of new water and drain lines (renovations)
  • Water filteration systems
  • Roof sealing and moisture issues
  • Radiators and heating systems

Check our facebook page for refrences from our many satisfied customers.

Special pricing for building managment - va'ad bait.

Jacobs Plumbing




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Clients Satisfaction

Hanni Harel
Jacobs Plumbing and Heating
3 months ago

Yesterday Yaakov Jacobs came to fix my clogged sink in the bathroom and he heard a problem in the toilet so he went to get a part and fixed that. He was very fast at fixing things and professional. He did not have receipts and put mine right away in my mailbox downstairs. I would recommend him to others.

Very sincere and professional
7 months ago

I called Jacob to help figure out why my downstairs neighbor

Rivka Lichtner
10 months ago

I called Jacob about a couple of possibly connected plumbing problems that we were having. He came very quickly and tackled the job thoroughly and professionally. He explained exactly what the problems were and how to avoid them in the future, and of course, fixed everything that needed to be fixed. In general, plumbing issues are not fun, but Jacob made the experience quite pleasant :-) I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again (I've already asked him to come take a look at some plumbing issues in my office as well), and highly recommend that you do the same.

Nicole Wexler
Highly recommend
4 years ago

Responsive, came out right away, very pleasant experience. Tried their best to find and fix the problem with minimal disturbance and damage. Cleaned up and replaced tiles that had to be removed to fix the problem. No waiting around for them - even when they had to go get parts they were back very quickly.Explained the problem and process every step of the way. Highly recommend.

a great find
4 years ago

I called Jacob for just a small problem -- I needed a drain unclogged -- but having such a pleasant and successful experience, I would not hesitate to use or recommend him for a bigger job. He was reliable, quick to respond, and had the knowledge and skill to do the job quickly and efficiently. What's more (and even more important) he seems to be a really "ehrlich" individual. Honest and trustworthy, and not just out to drain customers' pockets!

jacob plumbing
5 years ago

I had a major pipe burst in my house.Water all over my house This guy was amazing ,and fixed the problem very fast.He knows his work He is proffesional ,and excellent prices higly recomend him

Highly recommended
6 years ago

He came highly recommended and we were very satisfied. He had fair prices, great service. He unclogged my sewer main erev pesach, did a great job and did not overcharge.

yehonoson fonteijn
6 years ago


paula leven
Very excellent plumber
6 years ago

I had very, very excellent service from Jacob's -- he did beautiful work and I'm completely happy with the results. I couldn't recommend him more highly!!

Chaya Hitin
Very pleasant and professional!
6 years ago

I had the pleasure of having Jacob's plumbing save me 4 times from different domestic disasters. He installed my kitchen tap an hour before Shabbas, fixed my dud chashmal that started to smoke, helped stop a washing machine that was flooding my house and fix my bathroom/shower taps. He arrived in a timely manner and was very pleasant to deal with. He has very reasonable rates and was efficient and clean. I was very happy with his services and will be glad to call him again.