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Sonigo International Shipping
052-611-9674 [email protected]
6 Bene Darom Industrial Area

Sonigo International Shipping is a family owned business, and we have been helping people move to and from Israel for over 30 years.

We have our main office and warehouse in Bene Darom (Near Ashdod) and offices in Haifa and Jerusalem.

We can move your household goods from anywhere to Israel, and from Israel to anywhere.


Clients Satisfaction

Ilan C. Reisin
1 year ago

AVOID THIS COMPANY !!! It involves professional fraud with methods that ultimately costs the customer almost twice the agreed and contractually fixed transport price. Also many other customers made this experience with SONIGO, as a more intensive research on the Internet shows: In the end the price of the transport always comes out almost twice as high than agreed. In my case (how likely in most cases) of a container transport from Berlin / Germany to Israel, the blackmail trick works like this: As usual in Israel all services must be paid in advance, so that the full contract amount is already paid when the container reaches the port. At this point, SONIGO has already had a complete list of the container content and all the necessary personal documents of the customer for weeks. The embarkation in Rotterdam would not have been possible without these documents. All other import-related issues could then have been clarified by SONIGO in advance. And this is exactly where the fraud process begins: SONIGO picks up the container one day after reaching the port and stores it on their own ground. This is possible by paying an average customs duty on private container imports until final clearance. Now the customer is faked with all sorts of difficulties that prevent a fast delivery of his container. In my case, sudden missing the approval of the Ministry of Transport for an electric wheelchair, which later leads to lack of customs clearance, then again to different customs duties and ultimately looks like pure arbitrariness. Suddenly, all the necessary papers are missing, although these have been delivered to SONIGO weeks ago and several times as mentioned. Daily new problems with changing surcharges appear. At the same time, the customer is falsely told that the container is still in the port, it would now produce daily harbor and Demurrage fees of nearly 100

thanks Ed from the Luskin family
2 years ago

Dear Ed thank you for you assitance in making our move so easy and simple. Luskin family