Indoor Summer Courses for Female Teens Krav Maga Basics 2024


Indoor Summer Courses for Female Teens Krav Maga Basics 2024
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***Indoor Summer 2024 Class for Teens starting soon .... 5 more spots available***


Private or Group Class options.

● Special Course for Senior Citizen Women.

●Sharpen your Situational Awareness. 

●Discover the depths of your inner mental and physical strengths.

●Develop skills in Israeli Krav Maga comprehensive techniques that can/will improve your daily life.

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●Certified under Master Alain Cohen of Krav Maga Federation-Krav Security in Ashodod and World Wide Krav Maga●


2024 Alexandra C.  ~ 

Shefa’s Krav Maga basics course is terrific! I learned so many self defense skills and received a first rate training. Shefa is serious, patient and very encouraging with her students making sure each student masters the new skills. She also focuses on the mental aspects of self defense which are so important. Learning Krav Maga with Shefa is challenging and fun! Don’t miss this opportunity! 

2024 Devora S. ~

Krav Maga with Shefa is a must for every women!! She teaches basic self defense skills that everyone no matter which stage of life can learn! There is a concentration on being perceptive and aware of your surroundings. Her course is empowering for all women! Shefa is HIGHLY recommended!


Yakira: 2022-2023
I'm 20 years old.
I do Krav Maga. Shefa teaches me how to protect myself and get exercise at the same time. The skills I've learnt, I am using to overcome the obstacles in my life.
Come on and join the fun!🥳
Fun and exercise? Yes, join us for Krav Maga Girls Edition


Liora - Young Women's Group ~
''I really enjoyed the past two years of our classes. I think you are an amazing teacher....I have never had a teacher that was genuinely happy to see everyone in class. ''

Maya Young Women's Group ''Thank you for your guidance, patience, generousity, .... and for your personal example. Thank you!"

Hagit T. ~

I feel so lucky having Shefa as my Krav Maga instructor. She is so inspiring and motivating as well as funny and caring. I am much more empowered now and it is thanks to Shefa.

 Feedback from students:
“Very empowering."

“I’m not a wimp? This is great news. NEW news!

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​Awareness. Safety. Empowerment. Security.


Clients Satisfaction

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Michal Scheer
3 months ago

The short 8-10 week class we took with Shefa gave us the basic tools of self defense. Shefa worked with our strenghts and limitations to teach us the best offensive and defensive moves for us as well as situational awareness. Living in Israel, every women should be prepared to defend herself. Shefa's class was informative and fun! Give yourself the gift of confidence, balance and safety.

3 months ago

As golden age gals, we learned krav maga basics and skills for balance and agility so important for remaining healthy and confident and independent. Classes were so much fun and so valuable. Can't say enough - don't hesitate!

2 years ago

I am the Chief instructor of Krav Maga Jerusalem. Shefa is my first female instructor in Krav Maga in Israel and has been for more than five years. She has always shown great talent in bringing beginners, especially women, up quickly from beginner level to being able to defend themselves effectively in real world situations. Shefa has a great rapport with first timers and helps them navigate the Krav Maga world. I absolutely recommend her classes. Shefa is a great instructor with good instincts. She cares about her students, their safety and their advancement. Call her today for available class times.
2 years ago

I highly recommend Shefa as a Krav Maga instructor! She is experienced, knowledgable and a pleasure to learn with. She takes teaching this method seriously and presents it in a way that is enjoyable, personable and dedicated to your success. She is right in there with you all the way!

Kidpower México
Great self defense workshop with Shefa
6 years ago

Me and my husband are self defense instructors in Mexico, we were in Jerusalem for a few days and met with Shefa for a class to learn new techniques and have more variety for our students back home. It was very easy to communicate with Shefa when planning the private class. She's very passionate about her work and very professional. With just a few hours with her we learned a lot and got to practice actively and she adapted specifically to our needs and what we were aiming for and also had very good suggestions too. Shefa is a generous teacher, with her dedication, knowledge, experience,time and energy. Thank you Shefa !!

Hagit Tsabari
The most amazing teacher
6 years ago

I feel so lucky having Shefa as my Krav Maga instructor. She is so inspiring and motivating as well as funny and caring. I am much more empowered now and it is thanks to Shefa.

Sarah Arieli
Excellent teacher
6 years ago

I took some classes with Shefa over the summer and she was an excellent teacher; she is passionate about what she does and very professional. I would recommend her classes to anyone that wants to try Krav Maga - you will feel so empowered even after one class.

Anna Kleiman
Amazing Krav-Maga experience
6 years ago

I met Shefa in a beginners class of Krav Maga and self defense for women. Shefa is a sensitive instructor who will feel your rhythm and needs and develop her approach individually. She is a professional instructor that knows not only to show the techniques of Krav Maga, but also to make you excited about your strength, believe in you, inspire you and empower you in a way that you didn't think possible. Training with Shefa means getting in shape, learning the method, busting your confidence, finding a sister, and feeling that we can do whatever we want and that no one can control us without our consent. I highly recommend training with Shefa. She is way more than just a trainer - she is a sister in all respects.

Bryna Oppenheim
6 years ago

I had so much fun and l feel so powerful like no one can touch me :)