Yeshivat Ashrienu is seeking madrichim


Jul 27, 2022 | Jobs | Education | Beit Shemesh
Yeshivat Ashrienu is seeking madrichim
Part Time, Full Time
Bet shemesh

Yeshivat Ashreinu, an innovative post high-school Yeshiva in Beit Shemesh, is looking for a Madrich for the 2022/2023 academic year.

*Ashreinu Madrich Responsibilities: *

•Serves as a positive Torah role model for our students.

•Builds meaningful relationships with our students.

•In charge of wake up and ensuring that students are participating in classes and programming throughout the day.

•Supervises the dorms and campus after Night Seder (rotation)

•In charge of making sure students are in the dorms by curfew (rotation).

•Ensures that students are complying with Yeshiva's rules and guidelines.

•Helps staff with the smooth running of Yeshiva programming and activities.

•Communicates with Av Bayit and administration regarding dorm incidents.

•Accompanies students to doctor when needed.

•Attends Shabbatons, campus In-Shabbatot, tuesday tiyulim, overnight tiyulim and Sunday/Wednesday afternoon tiyulim (rotation).

• Assists in running Optional-Shabatot on campus

• Compensation is competitive monthly salary plus free room and board

If interested please email Rabbi Mike Sohn at [email protected] or call 050 709 0066.


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