Jun 16, 2024 | Jobs | Food | Tel Aviv / Mercaz
Part Time
+972 52-832-5543 [email protected]
Arlozorov 5 Ramat Gan

Looking for a bartender for our store/bar, Arlozorov 5, Ramat Gan.

This is not a typical bartending position. All that is required is to be able fill bottles of beer from the taps and package orders for Wolt. This is not a sit down bar, all orders are only for delivery or pickup. 

Job Description:
1. Must be 18 or older!
2. Can keep their work area clean and organized.
3. Need to know basic Hebrew to converse with customers and drivers, and to use the ordering system.
4. This is shift work: It comes out to 5-6 shifts every week. 6.5hr/shift. (Sunday to Thursday morning/evening and Friday morning once every two weeks). 
5. Salary: 38/hr

Contact Ohad: +972 52-832-5543
Email: [email protected]


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