Ilana Guttman - Certified Distance Running Coach


Ilana Guttman - Certified Distance Running Coach

Running is a self-improvement tool with wide-ranging physical and mental benefits that allow you to create your best self.

Coaches are NOT just for elite athletes. Anyone looking to get more out of their runs and maximize their potential can benefit from having a coach in their corner.

A running coach can

  • Help you set goals that are achievable and empowering
  • Create a plan for reaching them
  • Hold you accountable for the work you need to put in to get there
  • Lead you to safely push the limit of what you are capable of!

Running is a high-impact sport that leads many to injury. Train the right way in order to minimize your risk.

Run with Ilana in the Jerusalem area and learn how to make running structured, effective and fun!

Life happens. But you only achieve results through consistent effort. Show up, and I'll show you how to overcome your obstacles to success.

Tuesday night running group to prepare for the 10k event in the Jerusalem Marathon

Personal Coaching: 
Structured training plans tailored specifically to your upcoming events, your goals, and your lifestyle.
Anyone can download a training plan off of the internet. 
A custom plan works with your work, family, and personal commitments, areas where you run, builds up your weaknesses, and adapts to things that come your way.

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