Gannenet for 2.5 year olds in Telstone


Gannenet for 2.5 year olds in Telstone
Full Time


Shalom! A sweet Hebrew speaking Day Care center in Telstone is seeking a warm, loving, and engaging gannenet for maternity leave replacement.  The teacher will be leaving in Shvat IY"H.  It will be for at least four months (i will have to double check exactly how long).

The kids are 2.5 years old so we are looking for someone to be proactive about engaging them in activities like art projects, songs, dance, circle time, etc. (more than just babysitting).  We would like them to be learning through enrichment.  We are looking for someone with experience and warmth and also someone who speaks Hebrew fluently (not super high level, but fully functional) and has teudat zehut.  It is a Hebrew speaking day care so you must be able to speak with and understand the children, staff, and parents in Hebrew with ease.

In exchange you get a really nice female, frum environment made of happy women and parents, well behaved children, a nice boss, and good conditions.  It is a government run charedi Maon.  Hours are from around 745 am (latest 8 am) until 4 pm Sun- Thursday with one day off per week (so you would be working four full days a week), plus Friday until 12 pm.

Serious inquiries only please!  Please make sure you can commit to the times and full length of maternity leave, and that you are seriously interested, before applying. Please email me a resume with a little bit about yourself, your contact information, and at least two references.  Thank you for your time; I will only reply to relevant applications :)


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