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Have you undergone a conversion process or are in the process, and you are interested in sharing yo

Suitable for people from all over the world


How are you? 

Do you feel like you want to share the story of your life?

Maybe this is an opportunity...

+ Get a decent fee for sharing your story.

For writing a book "You are not alone" Which deals with people who were converted to Judaism, and began a new life. (Either you are in the process of conversion, or people who are interested in Judaism). 

If you are interested in sharing your life story from both sides of worlds. . .(5 pages or more, such as: family life. Loves. Disappointments. Adoption of a new mentality. Communication with both worlds. Etc.), 

I would love to hear from you! 

 More details over the phone. 

Please write a few words about yourself for an answer. 

 Suitable for emotionally mature people from all backgrounds, spiritual (not necessarily religious), understanding, with communication and ability to express themselves.

Thank you!

Take care and be safe!


 If you have a long life story, and once thought of writing your own book, maybe it would interest me to help you publish...