QUALITY + NEW + SMALL SmartPhone 64 GB, Android 12

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QUALITY + NEW + SMALL SmartPhone 64 GB, Android 12
290 NIS
052-544-8695 [email protected]

CUBOT Pocket 3 SmartPhone   

2022 Android 12, 64 GB, 720 Processor, 3000 Battery, Good Features.

VERY !!! Good Looking Phone !!!

The Back looks like Fine Black Leather and Smooth Metal ....and the Front & Sides are all a Perfect Design: Impressive !!!

133 x 58 mm.  A SMALL Google Android SmartPhone. 

( NOT the 119 mm. Cubot Pocket phone.)

Good Tip Option : 

Easily free install Google G Board for many features and the keyboard is easier to use for WhatsApp and SMS.

If you just want a small phone this is Very Nice and Very Good !!

BRAND NEW in a Nice Box with Accessories, Recent Receipt and Guarantee : 590 sh. / 290 sh. 

Simple, Full Information. A Perfect New Phone.

David, Kiryat Moshe or Mid Town, Tel/ WhatsApp 052-544-8695.

[email protected]