La'alot Koma - Family and Individual Counseling


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La'alot Koma - Family and Individual Counseling
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Hillel St 24, 9458124 Jerusalem

Since the beginnings of Aliyah to Israel, there is no community that stands out in its uniqueness as much as the English-speaking community. As much as the reasons to come to Israel are great, for the average English-speaker the difficulties associated with leaving the country from which they came are at least as great. On one hand the emotional and cultural ties to the Anglo's past are uniquely strong, but simultaneously the desire to "come home" to the Jewish homeland are strong just as well. Even though such is the case with almost every Oleh Chadash community, it's fair to say that in the English-speaking community this contrast is so great.

With such a remarkable community, the challenges that it faces it are unique. Whether regarding its distinct culture, are its distinct expectations, or in its personality that is unique, the emotional hurdles that an English speaker experiences aren't like that of the typical Israeli. As such, the assistance that the Anglo requires is unique as well.

I invite you to a journey to build anew upon your existing difficulties. Having in mind the unique Anglo personality, I strive to turn your obstacle into a platform of growth and new horizon. By means of time-proven therapeutic methodologies and experience dealing with the English-speaking community, I hope to give you the tools you need to "go up a step" and overcome whatever difficulties you may face.

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