Online Math , Physics, Programming and Chess Tutor


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Online Math , Physics, Programming and Chess Tutor
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Hello! My name is Daniel Dimovski.

I  Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

I started tutoring by helping my friends in school until I ended having more of my peers coming to me for help than they would come to assistants at Computer Science College in Math , Basics of Civil Engineering and Programming... 
Similarly, I started doing Math Tutoring by accident, helping my friends' kids, and so far I have 15 years of experience with it... 

I love to learn and help others learn and can tutor in the following fields:

- Mathematics (up to introductory university level)

- Physics (up to introductory university level)

- Programming ( depending on Programming language in question, I can help up to high school or to college level, as I am more experienced in some programming languages than I am in other ones) 

-Chess ( from beginner to intermediate level) 

Price: For a 45-minute session prices range from 90-150 depending on the subject and level of the session.

, I am only offering both tutoring online and  in person, depending on location and subject, as some subjects are more suited for online tutoring while other are better in person... 

Please message me at my WhatsApp at 058.767.8505 with questions or to set up a FREE 15-minute call to speak with me and see if we are a good match.