Full-Time Managing Editor


Full-Time Managing Editor
Full Time

Full-Time Managing Editor Position for a native English-speaker with a Dati organization in Jerusalem

Job Description:

As managing editor you will manage the research, writing and editorial team in the creation of high-quality and legally sound reports and articles. You will supervise the day-to-day editorial operation and report to the editor-in-chief. You will be directly responsible for ensuring that reports and articles meet our well-defined standards of quality, as well as motivating the team in a friendly and positive way to keep them focused on meeting targets and deadlines.


You will liaise with the editor-in-chief to determine the weekly and monthly schedule. You will manage the various internal boards and make sure they are orderly and up to date. Where necessary, you will coordinate with other heads of departments in strategic planning.

You will be directly involved in the daily editing of reports and articles and interact with the writing and editorial staff. You will ensure that content created is consistent with our protocols both legalistically and stylistically. You will engage the team to work together on developing, enhancing and updating the team's protocols regarding the research and creation of all articles and reports and continually endeavor to achieve the organization's vision.


Graduate Degree (LLB ideal)

Minimum 5 years management experience

Proficiency in Word, Excel, Google Docs and Sheets

Enthusiastic, energetic and committed

Positive, friendly and non-defensive personality

Able to motivate a team

Excellent interpersonal communication skills

Cooperative and open-minded

Ability to work effectively with diverse viewpoints and approaches

Firm decision-maker

High personal/scientific standards

Highly organized

Strong eye for detail

Strong time-management skills

Effectively delegate responsibility

Respectful of confidential information

Explores and embraces innovative technologies

Relevant parties should send their CV to:  [email protected]


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