CLASS: A Chanukah Week of Filmmaking for Teenagers


CLASS: A Chanukah Week of Filmmaking for Teenagers
Physical 13/12/2020 Starts 09:12 Ends 12:00 1,250 NIS

A Chanukah Week of Filmmaking  for Teenagers (limited to 10 students)

Dec 13-16 (four mornings)

9:30am-12:30pm (half hour break)

two additional 1-hr Zoom classes on video editing

Class fee includes licensed copy of Nero video editing software

1250 NIS

Live class sessions meet in Jerusalem outdoors, in keeping with proper health guidlelines.

Students learn how to create a film, including finding the idea, writing a script or outline, using a camera, recording audio, lighting techniques, basic intro to editing, using stock clips and music. We also take a brief look at acting and directing and interviewing subjects on camera. In this hands-on course, the class will create a short film related to Jerusalem. Each student will also create a short film about their personal life, be it individual or family. One lesson component will be on stop-motion animation, a creative movie-making genre that students can work on using model toys, objects, letters, or clay. Completed films will be posted on social media and premiered to family and friends at a scheduled movie night online.

Enrollment with permission of the instructor.Camera with manual controls required for course.

(We may have one additional photography course during Chanukah school break - inquire for details)

Judah S. Harris
[email protected]


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