He Could be Your Child or Mine!


He Could be Your Child or Mine!


A careless moment caused the heartbreaking disfigurement of the beautiful child’s face, below. But it didn’t have to happen!

Watch his story in North Bristol NHS Trust’s brief video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3xyMQhhCv4.

Stop it before it happens. You can be proactive and aware, following our solid safety tips:
-Fold tablecloths up and over the top of the table so no dangling fabric can be pulled down.

-Keep towels, placemats, coasters, or other protective barriers on counters or tables out of the reach of little hands.

-Remove step ladders or chairs from the kitchen area while cooking. Children move fast, climbing up to that dangerous water urn or countertop.

-Never hold a child on your lap when holding hot liquid.

An extra treat: Now a video for our Hebrew speakers (English subtitles). Hear from Israeli professionals how to keep our children safe from hot liquids: https://cmburnfoundation.com/…/in-hebrew-watch-out-for-hot-…/

Please share these important videos far and wide. What is more important than keeping our children safe?

Caution: Please be advised that the CMBF strongly advocates for the immediate use of plastic wrap to be placed over burns. We and countless others have experienced the healing effects of plastic wrap that is better than the instruction to use water. Plastic wrap is quicker and more effective in removing heat that can cause severe burns and scarring.

Addressing the “elephant in the room,” I pray that each of you and your families stay healthy, safe and free of Corona or any other illness. Stay strong and trust Hashem. We are in this together!

Your support means everything! Please be generous in helping us prevent burns.

Warmest blessings,
Chaya Malka

Chaya Malka Abramson, Director
Chaya Malka Burn Foundation
Hotline: 972 587 627 954
To DONATE IN THE US, please send a tax-deductible gift to…CMBF 14 Uxbridge St., Staten Island, NY, 10314-5022

To DONATE IN ISRAEL, please make out your shekel check to: Michele Abramson
and send to: Chaya Malka Abramson, Box 31088 Jerusalem, Israel, 9131002.

FOR ONLINE donations through Paypal…Go to ​https://cmburnfoundation.com/donate
US Tax ID# 20-3550527

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


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