Looking for community


Looking for community
0542440861 [email protected]
T.D. 1121 Kfar Adummim

Shalom all:)

We are a young religious (dati-leumi) couple looking for a place/community to call our next home (rent). Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to hear of a place that we feel is ideal for our needs and desires. We are simple, happy, people, bilingual, creative, idealistic, health oriented and seek nature and tranquility. Looking for a place that actually has a deep, natural (not forced/formal/official) community-based atmosphere, with open-house, arvut hadadit, hachnasat orchim, and chessed  mindset and genuine connection between neighbors. Preferably in Yerushalayim area (not gush though). Any info, resources, leads and ideas would be appreciated. (Best to call, WA). 




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