Social Media Manager


May 19, 2022 | Jobs | Marketing | International
Social Media Manager
Work from home


We are the owners of Savannah Hair Therapy brand name,
and we sell our products on as you can see in the following link:

Following is the link to our website:

And following are the links to our Face Book and Instagram pages:

We sell our products only in the USA.

Currently, we don’t actively manage our FB and Instagram pages.

We are looking for a long-term relationship with someone who can manage and operate our Instagram and FB accounts as well as our website, and perform the following tasks:

  1. Create daily posts and promotions for specific products.

In the daily posts we would like to promote the following products:

Hair Wax:
Hair Oil:
Hair Mask:

  1. Join groups in the niche of hair care and get them to know our products and find Influencers with which we can promote our products.

  2. Create our community, follow-up and answer the questions and requests of the customers which communicate with us on our FB and Instagram pages.

Areas of Responsibility:

Facebook, Instagram, Website Management,

Uploading posts, editing photos, editing videos, creating content.

Building a customer community.

Requirements and skills:

Experience in managing pages on social networks.

Experience in editing short videos.

High level English writing ability.

Knowledge of sponsored promotion on Facebook and Instagram.

We are looking for someone who wants to grow together with us and promote the brand name Savannah Hair Therapy in the United States.


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