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What's Going on Sunday?
Sunday, April 20 2014 Alred Hitchcock Screenings at Tel Aviv
This week in Jewish History (20-26 Nisan)
From TorahTots   20 Nisan  20 Nisan  CHOL HAMOED 
What's Going on Friday?
Friday, April 18 2014 Free Museums During Passover &nbs
Kosher for Pesach restaurants!
Looking for kosher for Pesach restaurants?  Check out eLuna's list for restaur
Jerusalem traffic arrangements over the chag
Following is a loose Google Translation of the Hebrew article, which appears below.  Get
OECD report highlights Israel as land of low taxes
The Organization for Economic Development (OECD) released a report on Monday that shows that the t
Jerusalem takes steps to make the City of Gold the city of clean
To their credit, Jerusalemites blame themselves as well as the municipality. Many complain about t
Top 7 most exciting alternative modes of transport in Israel
Israelis like to get around. They live fast, they move faster, and they’re lucky that their
Top 10 Israeli Futuristic Technologies
Ten years ago, the notion of a world run by touch-screen phones, wireless internet and battery-pow
Tel Aviv named best beach party spot on Earth
Stand aside, Ibiza: USA Today picked Tel Aviv as its number one beach party location worldwide, ah
Kitniyot Among Few Remaining Strands of Ashkenazi-Sephardi Difference in Israel
 Israel is a country that has spent more than six decades weaving the two formerly disparate
MUSIC VIDEO Gad Elbaz & Ovadia Hamama - Toda all Hachaim
Word of the Day / Avarnu et Paro: Overwhelmed by seder preparations?
Overwhelmed by seder preparations? Work or family issues getting you down? D
What's Going on Thursday?
Thursday, April 17 2014 Passover Events in Old Jaffa &n
How to book a discount flight from Tel Aviv to Europe
If you’ve ever forgone a dream trip because you couldn’t afford it, 2014 might be the

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Sewing Course
Life in Israel | 0 replies
Sewing Course
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Re:Best Kupat for IVF??
Health | 1 replies
Re:great events place in jerusalem a...
Life in Israel | 2 replies
Re:lost a camera in jerusalem
Consumerism | 1 replies
Re: Problems with the new neo-yahoog...
Life in Israel | 2 replies
American passport photo
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Re: Pesach Cleaning help
Life in Israel | 2 replies


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