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Wedding Gown Rental Info4u Wedding Gown Rental
chana studley Tuesday,28 June 8:05 AM
Take a look at my exquisite wedding gown collection. All the gowns were custom made by me and are available for rental from my studio in Jerusalem. chan
Info4u INFO4U: Is the Halacha Based Exclusively on the Talmud Bavli? The Chafetz Chayim Did Not Think So. Interview with Rabbi David Bar-Hayim
toratheretzyisrael Tuesday,28 June 4:42 AM
What did the Chafetz Chaim think about basing halacha on the Talmud Yerushalmi?Hear Machon Shilo's Rabbi David Bar-Hayim elaborate in the following video interv
Apples are Third Info4u Apples are Third
Ami Raz Monday,27 June 7:43 AM
Did you know that apples are the third most pesticide-ridden fruit/vegetable in Israel?  Here is a link (in Hebrew) to a report issued by Adam Teva ve-Din
Info4u INFO4U: Hebrew Ulpan for Preschoolers!
rochshol Monday,27 June 5:22 AM
Ulpan for Preschoolers! If your kids are on the way to first grade but their Hebrew is not fluent…When they play in the park they don’t talk to
Info4u looking for org. that give out grants here in Israel
geela Gordon Sunday,26 June 3:13 PM
I am looking for a listing of orgs. that help people with grants. must be in Israel and they are legit and need a wesite to check them out . please email
Tzeva Tzadik  House Painting ~ American House Painting, Clean, Reliable, Honest Info4u Tzeva Tzadik House Painting ~ American House Painting, Clean, Reliable, Honest
Tzeva Tzadik House Painting Sunday,26 June 12:47 PM
Free In-House Written Estimates  ( With No Obligations) on all Interior or Exterior Painting.
CompuTip - FreeFax is no More, Free Fax is Here Info4u CompuTip - FreeFax is no More, Free Fax is Here
Ami Raz Sunday,26 June 10:02 AM
The FreeFax website closed down last week.  But you can still send faxes from your computer for free – if you have a Bezeq phone line and an external
Free Resource: English Speaking Mental Health Care Info4u Free Resource: English Speaking Mental Health Care
Get Help Israel Sunday,26 June 9:48 AM
ABOUT GET HELP ISRAEL Are you struggling with depression, or anxiety?  Are you having difficulty adjusting to Israel, or parenting questions? 
Info4u INFO4U: When To Eat the Third Meal on Shabbath? Before Mincha or After? Interview with Machon Shilo's Rabbi David Bar-Hayim
toratheretzyisrael Sunday,26 June 5:09 AM
What are the time parameters for Seudah Shlishit on Shabbath? Machon Shilo's Rabbi David Bar-Hayim explains in the following video interview: h
Info4u Life coaching
Susan Secemski Sunday,26 June 1:27 AM
Do you have a dream you would like to realize, but feel a bit stuck or need some assistance in moving forward? . Within 10 sessions Life Coaching will&nb
Info4u Dangerous: flying bottles!!
zippy Sunday,26 June 1:05 AM
A few months ago, my father got knocked down by a Mei Eden water barrel which rolled off a truck because the metal shutters were left open.  I contacte
Info4u yoga
Amy (Katamon) Friday,24 June 11:04 AM
Sign up this summer for Women's Yoga in Jerusalem. Yoga Alliance recognition. Alyssa Gross wrote a great article about yoga and space.  https:/
CompuTip - OOOOOPS Info4u CompuTip - OOOOOPS
Ami Raz Friday,24 June 4:41 AM
If you are used to working with a lot of open tabs in your browser, you will probably have experienced an “OOOOOPS” moment:  “Oops! 
CompuTip - Buying a Printer? Info4u CompuTip - Buying a Printer?
Ami Raz Thursday,23 June 7:47 AM
Email me for a FREE Very Short Guide. Among the topics covered:  what is a printer duty cycle, color inkjet vs laser, what is a document feeder and who nee
Info4u info4u: 1981 Booklet on Conditions of Employment in Israel for Computer Programmers
Jacob Richman Wednesday,22 June 7:24 PM
Hi Everyone! While cleaning out old boxes of "stuff", I found several old booklets on employment in Israel. The 1981 computer programmer booklet describes th

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