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Ride needed this Motzei Shabbat - Raanana to Jerusalem
Avigayil Monday,16 January 4:44 PM Mitzva
Hello, I will be attending my nephew's bar-mitzvah in Raanana in this Shabbat and need a ride back to Jerusalem soon after Shabbat ends, so as to ge
Do you have items to donate?
Eliyahu Monday,16 January 9:36 AM Mitzva
Do you have any of the following items that you don't need or want? Perhaps you received a gift of something you already have or you don't like the colo
deliver mail to elderly man
David Rosen Sunday,15 January 11:59 AM Mitzva
Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me get a package to my elderly father in katamon, Jerusalem. I sent him a package and I need someone to pick it up from the po
The Hachnasat Orchim Project needs YOU! Sunday,15 January 8:53 AM Mitzva
The Chava Schwartz Memorial Hachnasat Orchim Project of Nachlaot needs YOU!  Who are "YOU"? YOU are a family, couple or single who wo
Help Save the Old Jewish Cemetery in Vilna Help Save the Old Jewish Cemetery in Vilna
Yosele Y Sunday,15 January 12:54 AM Mitzva
Asking for help in attracting as many signatures as possible for a petition to Lithuanian government officials in favor of preserving the Old Jewish Cemet
Please help my friend Chaya survive her terrible ordeal! Saturday,14 January 7:57 PM Mitzva
My dear friend Chaya Gold, a divorced religious woman in her mid-60's who made aliya alone from the USA in 2009, is very sick in a Jerusalem hospital, in
we need your help.
Loraine Wednesday,11 January 10:47 PM Mitzva
Hello my name is Lorraine Abecasis. Mother of 3 kids girl is 13 boy 12 and a baby girl. I been living in israel for 7 years but before 3 months my ex husband
Imperial Car Service
Jerusalem/All Israel
8 reviews
Israeli Notary | Simon M. Jackson
0545-742-374 / 0737-40-60-40
Jerusalem - G.Etzion

Mitzva: Help save the Old Jewish Cemetery in Vilna
shmuelw1 Wednesday,11 January 1:59 PM Mitzva
Subject: Help save the Old Jewish Cemetery in Vilna From: S. Leiman Sent: Friday, January 06, 2017 1:06 AM Dear Friend: I donít ordinarily get involved in si
Please help support the Lone Soldier Center (LSC) in Memory of Michael Levin Please help support the Lone Soldier Center (LSC) in Memory of Michael Levin
Zev Stub Tuesday,10 January 8:58 AM Mitzva
The Lone Soldier Center (LSC) in Memory of Michael Levin is undertaking a fundraising project to raise $60,000+ in funds to establish a Bayit
CompuTip - Do Scientific Research while You Sleep J19 CompuTip - Do Scientific Research while You Sleep J19
Ami Raz Monday,09 January 8:13 AM Mitzva
I recently joined the ZIKA research project sponsored by IBM.  My computer does scientific research whenever it isn't in use by running a special scree
INFO4U: BARUCH DAYAN HAEMETH-Announcement of Passing of Rabbi Michael Mandel, the father of Machon Shilo's Rabbi David Bar-Hayim
toratheretzyisrael Sunday,08 January 8:10 PM Mitzva
BARUCH DAYAN HAEMETHMelbourne community head, Rabbi Michael Mandel, the father of the head of Machon Shilo, Rabbi David Bar-Hayim was niftar from this
Crystal Party Gemach in Har Nof
jerusalemmanage Sunday,08 January 2:20 PM Mitzva
Are you hosting a party or setting up a bar.  We have an assortment of crystal Center pieces, bowls, long champagne glasses, salad bowls, candy dishes and
MITZVA: HELP! Blood type A or O? Father of 3 young kids needs your help! Sunday,08 January 8:58 AM Mitzva
  Israeli Dad of 3 young kids desperately needs help! Are you blood type A or O?    ďOne who donates their kidney will have on
Looking for a caring cat lover Looking for a caring cat lover
Mickey Tuesday,03 January 4:43 PM Mitzva
Looking for a responsible, caring cat lover for a feeding corner in Rehavia-Talbiye area, for three or four days a week, in the late night hours or 
Tzorchei Shabbos for kitties and feeder
Esther Sarah Evans Tuesday,03 January 3:16 PM Mitzva
b"H Temporarily embarrassed for Shabbos funds for my admittedly spoiled clientel of kitties, I am requesting help from anyone with a heart for kitti
Manicure for cancer patient
Carol Tuesday,03 January 1:46 PM Mitzva
Hi Everyone,  If you know anyone who is willing to make a lovely 75 year old feel good by giving her a free manicure, please contact us on 052- 7381
Help in the evenings for cancer patient
Carol Tuesday,03 January 1:46 PM Mitzva
Hi We are looking for a kind person to help a 75 year old patient (women) who is house-bound. We are willing to pay for your help, which is manly n
Post add under chesed /help headding
viviengle Sunday,01 January 8:19 PM Mitzva
Any one going from Jerusalem †to the airport tomorrow †2/1/17 around 3pm and can give me a ride, or would like to share a taxi (I am traveling alone with one †m
Found: ladies black leather glove Sunday,01 January 4:35 PM Mitzva
glove fits right hand – good quality blk leather – size around 6 1/2 – 7.bring match and it’s urs.  if u know somewhere else to pos
Please support and share
olimhelp Sunday,01 January 1:57 PM Mitzva
Avinoam Buchris, a decorated armored corps???? soldier (received a decoration during Operation Protective Edge, Gaza, 2014), was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig&

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