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Zev Stub
Zev Stub
Zev grew up in Chicago, and made aliya in June 2000, right after he graduated from Yeshiva University. He created Janglo in June 2001 to help fellow olim connect and help each other. Zev now manages the community on a full-time basis. Zev is married and has a prince and a princess.
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04-28-2017 Israel's population hits 8.7 million, 43% of global Jewish population News 71
04-28-2017 WATCH: Israel unveils Remembrance Hall for fallen soldiers ahead of Memorial Day News 117
04-28-2017 'World's largest' facility for disabled kids opens in Jerusalem News 96
04-28-2017 Tel Aviv Great Synagogue closes its doors News 143
04-28-2017 Ari Goldwag - Ve'ahavta - A Cappella Video News 69
04-28-2017 Free wine tastings every Friday at Kos Shel Bracha Events 2092
04-27-2017 Yahrziet of Leonard Sacharow - May 5 Events 30
04-27-2017 Cohen Movers packing and storage Services 59
04-27-2017 Jerusalem Rebuilt! New series of guided tours in English starts April 28th Events 1164
04-27-2017 Grand Opening of Sherlocks on Wolfson Center- Friday April 28 Events 40
04-27-2017 Janglo's cause of the month (Iyar): Bread For Israel News 161
04-27-2017 US tax cuts could hit Israeli tax collection hard News 456
04-27-2017 Report: Trump will recognize entire Jerusalem as Israel's capital during trip News 317
04-27-2017 Yom Ha'atzmaut Lecture and Tfilla Events 39
04-27-2017 Air Force Flyover schedule for Yom Hatzmaut News 2103
04-27-2017 Theater and Theology in May Events 41
04-27-2017 Worldwide learning initiative in memory of fallen soldiers of the IDF Events 47
04-27-2017 Can Aleph Help You Make Aliya And Find Work? Heck Yeah!! Find Out How! News 451
04-27-2017 Website asks Jerusalemites to notice the businesses that are missing News 301
04-27-2017 The Israeli Air Force Museum: a must-do for flight fans News 94
04-27-2017 A drone just flew over Auschwitz and captured something incredibly powerful News 224
04-27-2017 Archaeologists uncover ancient entrance to Caesarea News 96
04-27-2017 A new gigantic project to be built on the Tayelet in Tel Aviv News 109
04-27-2017 Learning on Yom haZikaron on behalf of Israel's fallen heroes News 85
04-27-2017 16 Health Benefits of Honey, According to Science Info4u 56
04-26-2017 Janglo Weekly: Growing from Independence to global leadership News 143
04-26-2017 Trump likely to visit to Israel in May News 221
04-26-2017 Yeshiva University launches Athletics Hall of Fame Info4u 162
04-26-2017 Jerusalem Municipality to build 1,000 New Classrooms News 396
04-26-2017 40+ TOP New Jobs in Israel April 26! News 523
04-26-2017 Official Memorial Day Events in Jerusalem News 607
04-26-2017 Traffic and parking in Jerusalem on the evening of Independence Day News 292
04-26-2017 Official Yom Haatzmaut celebrations in Jerusalem (Hebrew) News 563
04-26-2017 Tips for accident prevention during Independence Day festivities News 168
04-26-2017 How to hike the magnificent Mount Sodom News 120
04-26-2017 Walking Tour: Martyrís Forest News 95
04-26-2017 Finding the Only Kosher Restaurant at the new Allenby Rothchild Market in Tel Aviv: Master Fish News 89
04-26-2017 Jerusalem - city of museums News 78
04-26-2017 - Israeli Shekel Money Transfers For sale by agent 2148
04-26-2017 5.5 rooms, 2 floors, great location For sale by owner 120
04-26-2017 Chicago Reunion in Jerusalem- May 25 Events 86
04-25-2017 This week's best Groupon deals News 378
04-25-2017 HappyHourJLM April 26 Events 109
04-25-2017 Book Launch: "United Nation" by David Kramer this Thursday Events 71
04-25-2017 Fly TLV to NYC for just $553 round trip! News 932
04-25-2017 Pardes Tikun Leil Shavuot 2017 Events 43
04-25-2017 This week's Best Kosher Restaurant Deals Online! News 689
04-25-2017 Unarmed IDF Soldiers To Begin Carrying Pepper Spray News 183
04-25-2017 New book: Smarter Israel banking, by Rifka Lebowitz Info4u 35
04-25-2017 Palestinian Terrorists Would HATE This Video (because it's true) News 298
04-25-2017 Nice new Acapella: Elokai News 218
04-25-2017 Walking Tour: Nahal Qetalav News 124
04-25-2017 Shortage Of Buses Likely On Lag B'Omer News 239
04-25-2017 This week in Contemporary Art in Jerusalem News 58
04-25-2017 Mossad looking to hire humanities majors News 161
04-25-2017 Histadrut calls off public sector strike News 54
04-24-2017 AxiomSL- Senior Java Developer Jobs 85
04-24-2017 WATCH NOW: The Strong Jewish Women's Summit News 261
04-24-2017 May 26-June 24 sitter Needed! Jobs 145
04-24-2017 TOI: Natan Sharansky in conversation May 7 Events 42
04-24-2017 TOI: Personal Pages: Anne-Marie O'Connor and Ora Ahimeir - May 15 Events 33
04-24-2017 Sun, May 21: NITSANA DARSHAN-LEITNER in conversation Events 36
04-24-2017 TOI: Personal Pages: Meet the Author - Haim Watzman & Matti Friedman Events 34
04-24-2017 5 great jobs at Jerusalem U Jobs 389
04-24-2017 This year's theme: Restoring Their Identities: The Fate of the Individual During the Holocaust News 158
04-24-2017 Yom Hashoah 2017 News 284
04-24-2017 VIDEO: the story behind a newly discovered Holocaust Escape Tunnel in Lithuania News 349
04-24-2017 WATCH: Hundreds of Haredi soldiers sing "Ani Maamin" at the Kotel News 482
04-24-2017 New app allows people worldwide to 'Stand Still' in memory of Holocaust victims News 107
04-24-2017 PM Netanyahu's Remarks at the Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day Ceremony News 198
04-23-2017 Jobs at WalkMe Jobs 292
04-23-2017 Jobs at Facebook Jobs 553
04-23-2017 United Hatzala- Helping Holocaust Survivors With Dignity Info4u 489
04-23-2017 Holocaust Memorial Day event tonight with Tzeirim BaMerkaz Events 47
04-23-2017 This week at Mike's Place Events 48
04-23-2017 Lone Soldier Program Israel Independence Day Campaign to change a solidiers future Info4u 30
04-23-2017 Watch the Live Broadcast of Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony from Yad Vashem starting at 8PM News 411
04-23-2017 Yom HaShoah is Sunday Night / Monday - Events and Resources News 1667
04-23-2017 American/El Al: JFK To Tel Aviv From $638 Round-Trip News 3690
04-23-2017 Israel to get pleasant weather through Wednesday before temps rise News 338
04-23-2017 Six Holocaust survivors to light torches at Yad Vashem ceremony News 89
04-23-2017 Histadrut may declare country-wide strike on Tuesday News 641
04-23-2017 50 Ways to Count on Israel News 261
04-23-2017 Lag Ba'omer school break postponed at last minute over religious concerns News 810
04-20-2017 Test Roommates 17
04-20-2017 NO MORE TRASH: Jerusalem to spend NIS 13 million cleaning up News 2629
04-20-2017 Tax season 2017 is here. MASAMERICA makes taxes easier! Services 207
04-20-2017 Luxury Jerusalem Apartments For sale by agent 355
04-20-2017 Maccabiah Night Race in Jerusalem - 10.7.17 Events 76
04-20-2017 Bikers: Join the Sovev Jerusalem bike race May 12 Events 102
04-20-2017 FREE Opera under the stars- Sat night April 22 Events 239
04-20-2017 New MATI Course opening: Starting a new business in Israel Events 76
04-20-2017 Kahlon cancels import taxes on smartphones News 1525
04-20-2017 Walking Tour: Tzuba Spring and Tel Tzuba News 276
04-20-2017 MDA launches unique emergency response electric bike squad News 171
04-20-2017 Basketball Without Borders coming to Israel in August News 319
04-20-2017 Israeli Economy Ranked 3rd Most Stable in the World for 2016 News 671
04-20-2017 Shin Bet finds explosives hidden in cancer medication News 361
04-20-2017 Hilarious! Bar-Mitzvah boy Jacob explains Pesach on SNL News 418
04-20-2017 Adopt-A-Safta pairs youth with at-risk Holocaust survivors News 149

My Business Listings

Categories Title Hits
Aldo Ice Cream Emek Refaim- Now Mehadrin! 2676
Art Lessons for Individuals and groups 430
Avi Betzalely- Full Auto Services Under One Roof! 281
Avi Pave - Building Supervisor 229
Bayit Yaffe - Licensed Building Contractor 14
Beyond a Recipe | Recipes for Soul success 250
Boaz Gork - Divorce Lawyer 213
Century Storage 2322 - Israeli Shekel Money Transfers 115
David Bruce - Certified Tax Consultant 1484
Dunya 562
Elite VIP - VIP services, VIP lounge or Private jet 549
Enjoy life, stay healthy, lose weight! 329
Experienced Violin Teacher - European trained 309
Family death? Who will help pack up the memories? 57
Gav HaHar Movers 9343
Hager - Alperowitz Accountants 269
HaMaftehan, the Jerusalem locksmith 1509
Jacko's Street 532
Japanika 1219
Judith Harpaz - Photographer - Events, Studio 315
Kalo 752
Kos Shel Bracha Wine Shop 545
Look beautiful and radiant on your wedding day! 98
Maalot: Kosher Bistro and Tapas Bar 2035
Make your special event in Jerusalem unforgettable! 222
Michael Berezin Fitness Therapy 2739
Mishaan Levitz Plumbing & Renovations 1698
Mishpachton Randi in Katamon/San Simon 608
Mister Electric 3626
Mortgage and insurance planner 298
Nagila Vegetarian And Vegan Restaurant 1372
New Space Renovating and Design 960
Nursing and care services at home or in hospital 285
Ofer Hochhauser- Accountant with added value 260
Pain Management and Recovery 1182
Philonof- Garden design, construction, and consulting 273
Pini's Kitchen 1130
PIPS (pizza, pasta and salads) 1179
Raanan Cleaning- Specializing in Couches,Carpets, Polishing 176
Red & White Wine Bar 107
Restorno - furniture and interior restoration 583
Ronit Ben Ami - Interior Decorator 314
Ruthi Heffner- Curtains and blinds, custom-made 363
Shraga 1063
Signon Acher Catering - exclusive catering for all events 633
Toners and Inkjet for all type of printers 363

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