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You can post quickly (without attachments) by sending your ad as an email to Please make sure subject and message body describe the message clearly, and please don't include comments like "Can you please post this."

Post your ad only once, and then jump it to keep it current. Messages stay online for 30 days unless jumped.

To sell/ rent/ buy an apartment or other real estate, see below

I want to: Please choose one category only
Sell things Jerusalem Tel Aviv Raanana North Negev
Post a job Jerusalem Tel Aviv Raanana North Negev
Say that I am looking for a job Jerusalem Tel Aviv Raanana North Negev
Ask to buy, borrow, or use something Jerusalem Tel Aviv Raanana North Negev
Give away items for free Jerusalem Tel Aviv Raanana North Negev
Post useful non-commercial information Jerusalem Tel Aviv Raanana North Negev
Ask for donations, help or volunteers Jerusalem Tel Aviv Raanana North Negev
Ask advice Jerusalem Tel Aviv Raanana North Negev
Publicize an event Jerusalem Tel Aviv Raanana North Negev
Advertise my service
Business directory

Posts for jobs in the binary forex or binary options industries are not allowed.   

Please post ONCE in the most relevant region. If you live in Modiin or other cities between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, please choose the Jerusalem option. 

Please note that personal information that you include in your post will be public. If you are squeamish about privacy, we recommend you don't write your full email address in the body of your message. Members will still be able to contact you by pressing reply.


Private individuals can post housing listings for free. Posts from agents, property managers, or other commercial services are allowed only in categories marked "by agent", and cost NIS 10 per post. You can purchase posting credits here. Failure to post in the right category may result in your ads being deleted without warning.

You can post to the Jerusalem list via email at or to the Tel Aviv list at

Please format your subject header properly, with one of the following keywords at the beginning of the message subject. Also use a clearly written subject describing what the message is about.

Examples: FORSALE: Computers | EVENT: Concert Thursday

MITZVA- For goodwill efforts for individuals or the community
EVENT - To publicize an event coming up
ADVICE? - To ask for advice
INFO4U - To offer valuable information to the community
FORSALE - Stuff for sale
WANTED - Goods or services wanted
FREESWAP - to give away or barter something
JOBOPPS - Help wanted, for positions available
JOBSEEK - Looking for employment
SERVICES - publicize your small business

Posting via email is not available for housing, and is currently only offered for Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Messages without proper formatting will not appear on the site.

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