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Share your Simcha with the community

Family smachot bring happiness to all of Israel!

Tell us about your  birth/ engagement/ aliya/ bar mitzva/ bat mitzva/ wedding/ birthday/ graduation and we'll publicize it on our daily highlights. Just email a short notice to If you'd like to include a link to your website or email address in the listing, let us know. 

Best wishes to all of Israel! 


Siyata D
EMDR Trauma Therapy
Jerusalem, RBS
Looking for an American style nail and beauty salon in town?
Center of town
Your Bar Mitzvah DJ /  Bat Mitzvah DJ
054 777 5306
Entire Country
10 reviews
Find out why clients love Paramount Paints.
054 527 9356
Jerusalem Jerusalem
10 reviews
Jerusalem Computers - טכנאי מחשבים ירושלים
Jerusalem, downtown
7 reviews