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| The All-On-4-Implant Treatment Concept by Dr. Gil Garalnick

Zev Stub    
Thursday, 12 September 10:30 AM

Dental implants are placed in the bone to support various dental apparatus. There are times when the only bone available is in the front part of the arch (jaw) as the bone in the back areas has resorbed and there is insufficient bone to easily place implants.

The All-On-4 idea was probably first encapsulated into a working scheme by Dr. Malo from the Malo Clinic in Lisbon over 20 years ago. Four implants, two of which are tilted significantly, are placed in the front third of the arch and to these four implants a nearly full-arch of teeth is immediately attached at the same visit or sometimes a day or two later.

In comparison to placing 8-10 implants which traditionally was done to support a whole arch of teeth, especially where bone grafting was necessary due to insufficient bone, the cost of the All-On-4 arrangement can be significantly cheaper and more straightforward to provide in one or two visits. You get to function and smile immediately without lengthy healing periods.

If you are wearing an unstable denture and would like to eat more comfortably or smile without worrying about your teeth moving around, the All-On-4 treatment concept may be the ideal solution.

For more details contact RBS-IMPLANTS.COM 02 992-4267


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