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| Backend Developer (PHP, Database, Shell, AWS)

Rina     Jerusalem
Monday, 06 July 7:37 PM

Backend Developer (PHP, Database, Shell, AWS)

International company with an office in Jerusalem  is looking for a passionate, self-driven, and experienced Backend Developer to join their small, high-powered development team situated in the US to produce interactive, high-performance web applications that are both good looking and easy to use. The successful applicant will be expected to work independently and contribute to overall architectural and design discussions. 


- Minimum of 5 years of programming experience 

- Degree in Computer Science

- Feel at home with Linux

- Ability to create PHP based web services (APIs) using Slim routing, PostgreSQL and Redis

- Ability to create shell scripts, including those that will import and export data, when needed

- Comfortable using curl, and S3 tools for inter-system data exchange

- Fluency in SQL

- Experience with using a distributed source code control system such as Git (preferred).

Would also like to see:

- Linux server management ability

- Experience with various AWS services and their management/operations including Kinesis, SQS and Lambda functions

Additional nice to have, though not required:

- Experience in creating scalable, fault-tolerant web architectures in AWS

- Experience with Node.js as a backend alternative

Native Level English

Full time in our Jerusalem office 11:00-19:00

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