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Security & Communication

I-Secure specializes in leading technologies of security systems, communications, multimedia and implementing them to the home & business sectors.

Our business - Advises on Security & Communications, Alarm & Central monitoring stations, Intercoms, Cctv, Public Address Systems, Communication infrastructure,

IT Management, Clouding

Telephony, Networks & Multimedia, Audio-Video solutions , Home Project Management.

I-secure focuses on mapping customer needs and tailoring to them, the most suited technological and practical solution at the right price.

I-secure Installs advanced systems from leading manufacturers (Pima, Risco, Visonic, Provision, Panasonic, Sony, Camtron, Procam, Telefire and more.)

The company escorts every project by:

Planning & consulting to every detail

Clean & Perfect Install

Training and familiarity to the client

Each & every step we deliver professional dependable service, available and non compromising

Your security, Your Project - is our business!

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SERVICING: Beit Shemesh | Gush Etzion | Modiin | Jerusalem

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Great customer service
Date: 2013-11-05 13:58:01
We had an alarm installed with I-SECURE (Ornan and Erez) and I was very happy with their level of professionalism and great customer service.
I would definitely recommend them.

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Tel Aviv
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