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Getting Help for Anxiety/Panic!

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 Nachal Zevitan 12/4 Beit Shemesh
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How Common is Anxiety?

Anxiety is by far the most common of issues that clients come to see me for.

It is fairly normal for sufferers of anxiety to believe with a conviction that their situation is unchangeable.

With studies proving such a low level in statistics in the effectiveness of some of the more popular psychotherapies, it is understandable why many have lost faith in the idea of therapy actually being of help for them.

Not long ago, I treated a particular person who was suffering from a severe case of anxiety. The client had just ended in a therapy where he had been told that he had to simply tell his internal ‘bad thoughts’ to go away and leave him alone. Not only was this found to be unhelpful, it was also understandably hugely frustrating.

General Anxiety

Some of the most popular people in showbiz that we know of suffer from anxiety and panic disorders. The interesting thing is that often such individuals will portray themselves as being extremely self confident and in many cases other people will find it difficult to believe that such 'successful' peoplecould be suffering from a 'mental health issue'.

The Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety can often be very debilitating as well as a major inconvenience. People who are anxious will often feel held back from achieving and accomplishing. Of course, anxiety and stress will often have an effect on a person physically. Lack of sleep, over eating, under eating, effects on family relationships...these are some of the common side effects of general anxiety.

The Effect of the 'What if?' question

Part of the chronic pattern of an anxiety sufferer, is the constant 'what if' question that they tend to play out in their mind. So even if the person has been through years of formal therapy, if they find they are still going around thinking to themselves "but what if x happens and I start to fell anxious again?", then they are still very much living with the chronic anxiety pattern.

The Change-Work Process

In helping a client with a panic or anxiety issue, there are two main things that I aim to have the client become aware of. Firstly, the unconscious patterns which keeps the anxiety re-occurring. And more importantly, the underlying (also usually unconscious)intention of the anxiety.

A large part of my work is based on NLP and Hypnotherapy. With anxiety related issues, I tend to use interventions based on IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) and the Metaphors of Movement approaches, both profoundly powerful and tend to get very good results. Ultimately the goal is to have the individual (re-)learn how to deal with their day to day reality, from a place of well-being.

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