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Behavior Therapy, ABA & Parent Training for Kids & Families

Behavior Therapy, ABA & Parent Training for Kids & Families
Behavior Therapy, ABA & Parent Training for Kids & Families
CALL NOW  052-6266951
 Gush Etzion Jerusalem
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Areas of expertise: children with autism, ASD, autistic spectrum, adhd, add, aba, behaviors, behavior, behavioral, parenting, parent training, positive behavior practice

Say Goodbye to Bad Behavior

Yelling. Fighting. Talking back. Pushing limits. Tantruming. Defiant. Impulsive. Zoning out. Creating chaos at home or at school.

If any of the above applies to your child, behavior intervention might be right for your child. Join the hundreds of children and their families who have benefited from Deena's wealth of experience. 


Say Hello to Your Well Behaved Kid


Getting your child to behave at home or in the classroom is within your reach. Let Deena teach you and your child the skills to cope with their challenges, overcome their frustrations and behave appropriately in school or at home. Take the first step to bringing out the best in your child by contacting her now. 


Better Behavior Starts Here

Deena Singer is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Social Worker. She has over 20 year of experience working with children with challenging behaviors, their parents, and their teachers, to establish better behaviors and healthier relationships at home, in the classroom or wherever the child might be. 


tags: autism, applied behavior analysis (ABA), parent training, behavior therapy, ADHD, coaching, BCBA, Behavior analysis, DIR, Social work, Gush Etzion, Jerusalem, Alut, ABA supervisor, Supervision

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SERVICING: International | Gush Etzion | Jerusalem

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