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Long Term Rental in RBS Aleph near Shopping Area

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Own a Business?


Business-life coaching for exciting social entrepreneurs!

CALL NOW  0546652818
 PO Box 2506 Israel
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Wondering if you might have some ideas? Iam passionate and looking to meet some interesting folks doing good things in the world, seeing how I may contribute... I am among the more experienced business-career-life coaches in Israel (over 13 years), 15 years of international business management behind me, 5 years in Asia, born and bred in the US, veteran Israeli. What I am looking for is to get to know good people, exciting opportunities that are socially-oriented with a business model for sustainability. I would like to offer value in what I know how to do to these specific individuals whom I don't know who and where they are and help them get where they can, want and must go...the things I can help with are many but they all revolve around the following: the vision, the goal, the planning, the execution, the inspiration the purpose- can you guys help and refer? Many thanks!

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SERVICING: Sharon | International | Netanya

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