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Changes happening at Krav Maga Jerusalem

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Starting soon I will be holding Introduction to Krav Maga course. I have decided to put together a course that introduces people to what Krav Maga is. It will be a two month course once a week with extra classes thrown in for free when time and weather permits.

The fee for the course will be due before the course starts and will not be borken into payments. It is all in English and some equipment may be required for you to purchase. I do have suggestions on where you can get them so don't worry.

I will have these courses on going and each course will start when there are enough people enrolled. At least four people is the enrollment requirement. You can not enroll in the middle of a course and there are no refunds once the fee has been paid.

This course will get you familiar with what Krav Maga is and help you to know if this is something you would like to continue with. All classes are subject to being mixed gender.

One last thing... if you have experience in martial arts or past Krav Maga experience we will sit down with you and see where we can best place you and offer training that is in line with your experience.

For questions and reserving your spot feel free to contact us at Also include days and times you are free to train so we can see if there is enough in the time slot to begin the course. Thank you. Also, check us out on facebook at kravmaga yerushalaim

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