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Long Term Rental in RBS Aleph near Shopping Area

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Own a Business?


Your text, but better. Copy editing / proofreading services

CALL NOW  +972524742795
 12 Yossi Ben Yoezer Jerusalem
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Your text is your image to the world.

Make sure it's the best it can be.

Need a native English-speaker to copy edit or proofread your text to make sure it's perfect?

Look no further. You found her.

Ilana Brown - 052-474-2795

You need a copy editorif you want someone to review the structure and organization of your text, improve the language use and flow, check the footnote structure and spot potential errors, correct the grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and improve the overall look of the text.

You need a proofreaderif you want someone to check the grammar, spelling, and punctuation to make sure they are correct and make recommendations about the way the text looks.

Your text is your voice to the world. My job is to help you make the best impression.


  • Academic articles
  • Editing translations to make them flow better in English
  • Editing and designing reports
  • Business correspondence

Fast, reliable, accurate, and friendly service at reasonable rates!
Estimates based on word count (including footnotes).

References supplied on request.

Make sure to say you found them on Janglo.

SERVICING: International | Beit Shemesh | Modiin | Haifa | Jerusalem

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Last updated: 19.6.2019 | Views: 1812

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