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Enjoy life, stay healthy, lose weight!

Enjoy life, stay healthy, lose weight!
Enjoy life, stay healthy, lose weight!
CALL NOW  054-4778-402
 Haoman 22 Jerusalem
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I have 20 years of experience as a dietician, specializing in working with athletes and people with eating disorders. 

I help people lose weight and learn how to stay healthy and slim for life.

My clients learn how to eat healthy in a way that is a pleasure, even on holidays and vacations. 

I teach families how to develop a balanced meal plan that will make meals healhy and enjoyable for everyone. That includes understanding what everyone likes, as well as working out a practical budget and shopping plan for you. 

I've worked 20 years in my field, with a degree from Hebrew University. 

Sigalit Cohen- Zabar - Dietician

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SERVICING: Jerusalem | Gush Etzion

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Care goes a long way...
Date: 2015-11-28 18:14:06
After sitting with Sigalit, my husband and I both felt a huge amount of relief. It was an emotional visit for me and Sigalit took the time to give us practical tools to work out my issues with meal planning, grocery shopping, and feeling overwhelmed with being a new mother. I left her office motivated and encouraged with a game plan that she thoughtfully wrote out for us. Many thanks to Sigalit!
She understands our personal needs
Author: S
Date: 2015-10-26 09:42:22
Sigalit has a special way about her helping clients loose weight and feel good about the process.
She understands our personal needs, struggles and aspirations.
I have lost 7 kg. and have changed my way of picking and choosing what I eat..If I would just stick totally to what she advises and guides me to do I would be down allot more.
She is very personable, understanding and knowledgeable.
Go For It and good luck

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