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Sep 28, 2022


Events 0 NIS 37 Pierre Koenig St, corner of 2 Poalei Tzedek Talpiot, Jerusalem Jerusalem
Sep 23, 2022

Melabev Rosh Hashana Campaign

Events 0 NIS Rechov Raziel 12 Elizar
Sep 22, 2022

Old City Ladies Shabbat Shiur

Events 0 NIS
Sep 16, 2022

Huge Wig Sale this Sunday in Beitar! Rock-bottom prices!

Events 0 NIS
Sep 15, 2022

Old City Womens Shiur

Events 0 NIS
Sep 13, 2022

Shiurim and Daf Yomi in English being organized in Ashdod

Events 0 NIS
Sep 10, 2022

Anger Management Seminar

Events 50 NIS
Sep 06, 2022

High Holidays Retreat for Women

Events 350 NIS Bat Ayin