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Dani Kahn- Professional massage therapist

Health Hazon Tzion 9 Jerusalem

Antigym - Healing Movements Groups / Private sessions



Health Emek refim 43 Jerusalem

Cranio Sacral Practitioner

Health 32 Moshe Tzvi Segal, Ramot Jerusalem

Shiatsu practitioner

Health 32 Moshe Tzvi Segal, Ramot Jerusalem

Physiotherapy & Therapeutic Yoga over 20 years experience


Orthopedic Manual-Based Physical Therapy -We Come To You


Physical Therapy

Health Jerusalem

Medical Massage utilizing the method of Yisrael Levy of Tzfat


Movement classes for women over 60

Health At Studio 6, Beit Lehem Road # 7, Jerusalem Jerusalem

Holistic Movement Therapy for Chronic Pain

Health Arnona Jerusalem

Life Coaching

Health Jerusalem

Reflexology, massage and aromatherapy for woman, children and ba

Health Har nof, hakablan Jerusalem

Facial Reflexology

Health Ishai 15 Jerusalem

Homecare Physical Therapy


Dr Yonatan Kaplan-Physiotherapist and Sports Injury Specialist

Health Lerner Sports Center, churchil str 1, Mnt scopus, Jerusalem Jerusalem

Physical Therapy


A Powerful Urinary Tract Infections and Kidneys Disorders Cure

Health Derech Freud 12 Haifa 34753 Israel Haifa

MEN! IMPROVE posture, back & knee pain, range of motion EASILY

Health Kanfei Nesharim close to Har Nof Jerusalem

Chiropractor- Dr. Raimi Tuchinsky

Health Derech Beit Lechem 9 / Efrat Emergency Medical Center

Batya Gorman; Holistic Healing, Medical Massage, & Sports Therapist

Health Jerusalem

Jerusalem Physiotherapy and Pilates

Health Daniel Yanovsky 4, Jerusalem

Jerusalem Mobility - Rehab & Home Safety, Massage Therapy

Health Jerusalem