Ruby Binnun - Individual and Couples Therapist


Ruby Binnun - Individual and Couples Therapist



Jerusalem Psychotherapist

for Individuals and Couples

Ruby Binnun, MSW

mobile: 050-554-9900

e-mail: [email protected]




"...Ruby is authentic, empathetic, and creative in addition to being a top notch professional. She believes in what she's doing …" - J from Modi'in

" ... one of the kindest and caring therapists I know." - Sharon from Jerusalem


It is not easy to approach therapy and even more difficult to find the "right" therapist. I will be glad to talk more by phone or email. In the meantime here are my credentials:

Who am I ?

  • Ruby Binnun, a Jerusalem-based psychotherapist working with couples and individuals after many years of experience in public clinics in both Israel and the USA

  • a licensed MSW clinical social worker (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

  • have worked with families, couples and individuals from many cultures

  • work in English and Hebrew, some French

My credo:

  • It helps to work things out with a trained professional. I do believe that change and healing occur thanks to the connection that develops between an empathetic and insightful therapist and the person seeking a change in their life.

My approach to therapy and training:

  • dynamic, supportive and integrative - I have trained in multiple approaches.

  • CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) for self-esteem, depression, anxiety, stress and trauma.

  • PE (prolonged exposure), a specific protocol for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

  • IMAGO for couples - to promote communication, mutual understanding and engender empathy.

  • trained and worked in family therapy and parents' counseling.

  • have moderated grief support groups.

  • particularly sensitive to the challenges of immigration.

Who do I help?

I have helped individuals, couples and families deal with personal and interpersonal issues including:

  • crises and adjustments

  • grief,loss and life passages

  • challenges related to immigration and retirement

  • work and interpersonal stress

  • marriage crises and challenges

  • depression, anxiety

  • trauma and abuse

Please feel free to call me.

Ruby Binnun

[email protected]

mobile: 050-554-9900