Assisting New Olim to navigate "the system"


Assisting New Olim to navigate "the system"


Mazal tov! You just made Aliyah! Be proud of your accomplishments! But what if you're not 100% certain about what you signed at the bank/car dealership/electric company/you name it. Have you made proper use of all your rights as Olim? Have you been taken advantage of by your phone provider?

Become an expert in the Israeli system – it's neither better nor worse – it's just different. Learn to navigate the Israeli system like a native…and never worry again!

Senior Services Plus Israel (SSPI) is a geriatric care-management facilitator, for English speakers from around the world who have senior relatives living in Israel.

The responsibilities of caring for aging relatives can be difficult and frustrating, particularly for children and family living hundreds -or thousands- of miles away.

SSPI coordinates comprehensive concierge services for senior Anglos in Israel. We facilitate services through a broad network of independent service providers. We arrange and oversee the following:

  • Home support (errands, bill-paying, etc.)
  • Property management (renovating, repairs,, cleaning, maintenance, oversight, etc.)
  • Transitional guidance to new living environments
  • Medical (arrangement and escort for medical appointments)
  • Geriatric social work and consultant assessments
  • For more services, see our what we do page.

SSPI introduces its clients to service providers appropriate to each family’s needs and financial circumstances.

SSPI provides clients with security and solutions so that you can enjoy peace of mind.

Senior Services Plus Israel is here when you can't be.

"Care for the elderly has been the hallmark of Jewish civilization

throughout history…"

Rabbi Berel Wein

I'll teach you how to manage and succeed in your new home - call me for a consultation:

Mindy Aber Barad, Advocate, 052-466-7936, [email protected]

Dedicated to helping you succeed and thrive here in Eretz Yisrael!

One of my articles:

Seniors Empowered!

Wait, what do these two groups have in common? What about Israeli seniors – don’t they already know everything?

What each of these groups has in common with the others, is that each is missing a piece of the puzzle, through no fault of their own.

Here are some “day after” scenarios:

Finances: Olim and seniors need to have planned for their financial future, budgeted and allotted funds for various needs, before they became Olim and seniors. Afterwards, before it’s too late, planning is also useful. Where is your money coming from? Overseas? Your local employer? Your pension fund?

How many of us, who have worked at more than one job, know precisely what pension funds we have monies with?

Insurance: How many of us have exact duplicate medical insurance? How many of us have life insurance policies that do include savings? Who has a policy that does not? Who just turned 70 (mazal tov!) and no longer has life insurance altogether?

The Future: No matter what your marital status, or the size of your family YOU MUST HAVE A WILL. I cannot stress this enough. I know widows who are chained to their houses, because their children, their new partners in ownership (there was no Will) do not want to sell the house. I know children from a first marriage, who live abroad, wanted nothing to do with their late mother’s estate (again, no Will), and had no choice but to travel for hours in order to sign forms at an Israeli Consulate. They actually had to pay to give up their legal portion in the Estate.

Olim and seniors face a variety of potential complications, when they reach their special milestone; I can assist, so that it doesn’t become a millstone around their necks.

The contents of this blog do not constitute legal advice; these are merely suggested scenarios.