Nutritional Psychologist


Nutritional Psychologist
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You can improve you mental health with good therapy coupled with targeted nutrtion.
The latest research shows highly concentrated supplements, can positivly affect major depression,
bipolar disorder, Parkinson's related depression, ADHD, and many other problems.

Michael Rose M.A. is a highly trained psychologist having trained with direct students of Carl Jung,
Fritz Perls, and Harville Hendricks. He is also a retired Licensed Nutrtionist in Florida and has been in the health food industry for 40 years.

He is  the author of the prizewinning book,"BIPOLAR WELLNESS" which highlights the latest research 
from the department of Psychiatry at the University of Cincinnati.
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His specialties are:
Mental Illness Recovery and re-hospitalization prevention.
Marital Counseling
Bipolar Disorder
Men's Issues and Support Groups
Nutritional programs for all of the above.