Faigy Marzel | US tax Returns, Benefits & More


Faigy Marzel | US tax Returns, Benefits & More

With attention to detail, reliability, and reasonably priced, Faigy Marzel, staff accountant of Y. Gutwein CPA based in NY (with 35 years in the field), is offering free initial consultations over the phone.
Special service:  We'll file your personal return while you wait at no additional charge!

Learn about your responsibilities and rights in relation to:

  • Personal Tax
  • Business Tax
  • FBAR
  • Tax Refunds
  • Tax Benefits
  • Audits

CALL or WRITE to set up a free consultation as well as receive a 9 point US tax checklist. [email protected] | 02-538-0702 | 1-532-538-0702


Faigy Marzel | U.S. Accounting Services | Y. Gutwein CPA, NY. 
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