Waterproofing Inspections


Waterproofing Inspections

Have a waterleak, or unwanted moisture in your walls, ceiling, floor, bathrooms?

Luzon Waterproofing Systems detects the source of the leakage with the most advanced technology using infra red camera, with no wall breakage.

Call today for an appointment for your home or office inspection, anywhere in Israel.

Telephone: 1-700-701-151 ext "3"

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Luzon Waterproofing Systems

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Clients Satisfaction

Yehudit Singer
5 years ago

It is now a year after Luzon treated my windows and the problem has come back. They are impossible to reach, do not return phone calls and refuse to honor their work. Do not be fooled by their fancy equipment or the report - they are unprofessional and unreliable. I am sorry I ever recommended them.