Real estate photography tips for beginners


Real estate photography tips for beginners
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Do you have any idea about real estate photography?  Do you know why need real estate photography tips for beginners? No matter, just follow our informative tips.

 In almost every the article “How to Make Money with Your Camera” it is advised to shoot for real estate agents.  If you have a correct camera and are versed in how to use it, this can be a great way to make $60 on two shots.  However, if you are looking to start a business, you’ll need a higher level of quality. 

Real estate photography is not a science, but is an art, just like almost every other type of photography. You can be methodical in your shooting and produce the same photo time after time.  However, if you are trying to produce a unique look or certain style, gadget a few of these beginners' secrets into your shooting and you’ll see a big jump in how fast you get the hang of it.  These are not in any special order.

Here are some tips about real estate photographs that need to know for a beginner:

1.Do not shoot wide: As a beginner photographer, my first feedback was to zoom out as far as my lens would take me and then curse the darn thing. But, after more of an eye for how a room should feel, I noticed that it’s OK to not get every wall in the photo.

Another problem with shooting too wide is you make a silly feeling of space and openness.  If the back wall looks really, REALLY far away in the photo, buyers might be bulked to see that the room isn’t as big as the photo made it feel.

2.Mind your backgrounds: A landscape photo is broken up into 4 parts: foreground, background, and sky.  When all 4 pieces come together, you have the photo worthy of a blue ribbon at your state fair.  For real estate photography, you have to mind 3 parts to create a good photo.

3.Elevate your exterior shots: Jim has mentioned before that, he likes to use a painter’s pole to get some added height to his exterior shots.  Going from 6 feet to 12 feet doe’s absolute wonders to making an image feel more impressive and powerful.

4.It is ok to blow out windows: One of the biggest obsessions with novice real estatephotographers is getting that super crisp view from the windows.  While this is helpful in many occasions, especially if there is a great view, it is also OK to blow out the windows a little.  What this means is that the windows are far over exported based on interior exposure.  If you look at any of the photos in constructive Digest, chances are the windows will be blown out.


5.Use the saturation:  This is easy but often under-enjoyed editing technique.  Use your color saturation sliders to control window bloom and color casts.

6.Do not stand in the corner

7.Blend multiple photos  together

8.Move the camera height

9.Add a kiss of flash

10.Take your flash off- camera

11.Level your camera

12.Get your pricing light

13.Shoot the right

Conclusion: Property photography or becoming a real estate photographer can be an attractive option for those enjoys photographing contents. The best thing is there’s always a need for real estate listings and shooting houses for sale in any part of the world.

To make real estate photography a stable income stream, or if you want to be an efficient photographer in this field, maintain consistency in your process. With the real estate photography tips discussed above, you’ll be on your way to creating a full, rational portfolio!