Ian Wright Osteopath / Cranial Osteopath 26 Years exp.


Ian Wright Osteopath / Cranial Osteopath 26 Years exp.

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Shalom Friends,

It's 1989, I'm in Australia, playing beach volleyball...
the ball comes over the net and nobody moves, so i run and take off, flying horizontally like superman to hit the ball, and i land hard in the sand like a javelin, shoulder first, which sinks deep into the soft sand, then the side of my head hits, twisting it completely round the other way... 

Neck broken...

It was match point and we won, so people are running to me and pouring cold drinks onto my bare chest, as i lie motionless on my back...
Luckily for me, there's an ambulance driver, paramedic, in the other team, and he sees how i landed and how i didn't flinch when the ice-cold drinks hit my chest,
and he's running to me, to stop people grabbing my arm and pulling me up. 
He checks my neck, gets newspapers, rolled up to make a brace, and holds my head still, all the way to the carpark on the trailer of the quad-bike, 
that takes food and drinks along the beach...
He saved my life...
After hospital Professors told me i'd never walk again, or have children, and i should "learn to paint with your mouth", 
he took me to the solution...A lady Osteopath...

After a long, painful recovery, i saw that this profession, Osteopathy, REALLY helps people, and I became an Osteopath for the last 26 years,
with a mission and passion to help people get their lives back, and return to doing things they love to do. 

I have a mostly functioning body, 3 miracle children, but i cannot "paint with my mouth" ...😂

If YOU are suffering aches and pains, restricting your daily life, and you are fed up with treatments that only address symptoms or temporary relief, 
then feel free to call now for real solutions that treat the CAUSE of the problem, for long term benefits....

I understand how you are feeling...

I can be contacted 
on mobile and WhatsApp +972-545581169.

Or email at [email protected]

At your Service...

Ian Wright,
Cranial Osteopath 26 yrs,
Member of Israeli Register of Osteopaths.

“You can achieve the life that you want”...

Below are testimonials from lovely people, who i have had the honour to help...
I thank them all for their trust...

At Ian, I arrived at the beginning of a second pregnancy due to dizziness, which accompanied me from the birth of my eldest daughter, 
dizziness which disabled me for at least 24 hours including intermittent vomiting.

 Apart from the dizziness, it was important for me to reach birth with a symmetrical pelvis (since it can affect the way you give birth)
When I arrived at week 32, it was found that the fetus was in breech condition. 
After treatment with Ian, at week 34, the fetus returned to head presentation and so remained until birth.
I even woke up one day with a really sharp back pain that paralyzed me and Ian was available and accepted me already that day and released what was needed.
 Aside from being a professional, with over 25 years of experience and among the few in the country in Cranial Osteopathy, Ian is a pleasant and kind person.  Highly recommend!
 Ian, a big thank you for the dedicated care, caring and empowering words .. 

I'm a fitness trainer and aerobic, spinning and kickboxing instructor. I was injured in a motorcycle accident and hurt my right knee. 
I was diagnosed with a torn ligament (MCL) after a while and started physiotherapy through the kupat holim. 
About 2 weeks later I was lucky to come to Ian for treatment.
When I first started I was afraid to leave all treatments in Ian's hands (even though I knew of him through my brother, who had remarkable relief with back pain thanks to Ian), and I kept doing physiotherapy too.
After a while I got to a breaking point. The physiotherapist thought I was stuck and I needed a surgery to get better. It didn't feel right to me, but I was very upset and worried. 
Would I be able to train again? Would I be able to do all the things I used to or maybe my days with sports are over? 

I came to Ian crying and very stressed, and got nothing but calm, patience, empathy and understanding in return. 
Ian asked me to trust him and give him a chance to fix my knee without surgery and said I would go back to everything I used to do before the accident and make full recovery. 
I trusted him and gave him that chance. But really I gave myself the chance to get better and not make the mistake of going through a procedure that is impossible to know how you get out of… I'm so grateful that I did!

4 months after the accident (3 months with Ian) I got back to teach almost all the classes I had before and train again! 

I'm so happy for not caving in and going to that surgery. I stopped doing physiotherapy right after I was told there's no other option for me.

I strongly recommend to give a chance and trust this wonderful man, who would lead you to health with plenty of empathy, understanding, compassion, care and warmth and most important – professional, genuine and from the big heart of this special man.
Ian – thank god for you! You're the best!
Noa Hecht 5 years ago 

2nd February 2011
After many visits to physiotherapists, back surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, my husband, Ron, who was suffering from severe back pains was recommended seeing Ian Wright, an Osteopath,and Cranial Osteopath, who's outlook to life is based on his own life story.
Ron came to Ian after taking volteren injections, strong pain killers, and was unable to sit, breathe properly and of course, unable to work.
After 5-6 weeks, in which Ian worked on the whole spine, ankles, hips and pelvis which enabled the neck to recover, Ron felt much less pain and was well on the road to a new lease on life.
After 8 sessions, he is totally free of pain and has been given the necessary steps for maintaining and preventing further back problems.
Posture and eating habits have been seriously outlined by Ian, and have been highly effective.

The personal, caring and professional treatment we received and are still receiving has been a unique experience.
Ian explained in easy terms, every step he took along the way to release a back that was tied up with years of tension and serious spinal problems.
With his expertise, his incredible knowledge and understanding of the body working together as a whole and with his theories of pain control and attitude,
 he trained Ron into body awareness and correct posture.

We are so lucky and so thankful that we were guided to Ian, and we highly recommend him for full and successful treatments to restore health and better living.
We are forever in his debt!  An amazing and professional (and very funny) human being.
Brenda Dombey.


Clients Satisfaction

Magical hands...great treatment
1 year ago

I've been to Ian many times for different reasons. My last visit he helped me when I was hit by a car while crossing the street. The driver who hit me wanted to call an ambulance but I refused it and after getting home I called Ian. He's got magical hands. After a few visits I was back to normal and walking everywhere.

Rachel Dart
Best treatment ever!
2 years ago

For me Ian Wright is a magician. It took me a while to realize the scope of his work because for Ian the sky is the limit. When I came to Ian with lower back pains, he devoted all of his efforts to the healing process. He took care of me from the very small fibers of a muscle to the skeleton and to my whole being. Ian defines holistic, since he takes you as a whole and cares so much about anything and everything you do to improve your health, your well-being, your thoughts, what you eat etc... I am so thankful for this life changing experience that I am going through thanks to Ian.

Lea Tsuk Ben Hur
Warm recommendation
2 years ago

I was very fortunate to be referred to Ian more than 5 years ago, after suffering with terrible back pains for years, due to polio in early childhood, causing leg length discrepancy. Post-polio symptoms became worse and worse since age 50. Since starting treatments with Ian, I was able to stop pain-killers and  live without drugs. Ian is very professional and caring, helping to keep me moving, pain free, and hopeful, with regular maintenance visits. I can recommend very warmly, Ian's treatment. Lea.

Ashi Stein
So lucky to find Ian
2 years ago

3/2010 I had a severe decompression operation in my neck..I suffered in pain and agony for 2 years, during which time I tried almost every treatment out there. Thank God a friend recommended me to Ian,and all the rest is history... Ian taught me from the beginning how to walk,sleep,work,eat etc. and combined with his unique treatments he absolutely saved my life !!! Since then, he looks after me with regular maintenance which keeps me problem free. Thanks Ian..you are an angel...

David Oman
A Bit about Ian
2 years ago

My wife was referred to Ian by a mutual acquaintance. Initially, she went to Ian to treat joint inflammations that she and our son had. But we all ended up being treated by him, and what a transformative and life-changing experience it has been! Ian's profound, all-encompassing knowledge of the human body - be it bones, the nervous system and, of course, nutrition - helped us with back pains, joint inflammation, flat feet, and more... Not only does the treatment do wonders but Ian's suggestions on posture, special shoes and exercises help prevent the problems from recurring. But perhaps the most profound difference in our lives resulted from the nutritional changes we made per his suggestion (the alkaline lifestyle): all of us are feeling better in general, not only in regards to the issues we came to him with initially, but also we hardly get sick anymore, and if we do it is much less severe than before (I myself haven't had so much as a cold...). To top is all off, my 5 year-old daughter woke up on the morning of Rosh Hashana with a frozen neck, writhing in agony, unable to walk and with difficulties eating. Ian agreed immediately to treat he that evening, and we carried her to his clinic. He found the problem, and after treating her (he's amazing with kids...) there was a huge improvement and the next day she walked again... A real lifesaver!

Alan Karp
2 years ago

Ian has helped me on one occasion with a sore lower back, and on another occasion with a stiff neck. I found Ian not only to be skilled and effective in administering treatment, but also to be extremely caring and empathetic, and willing to impart knowledge and advice aimed at encouraging you to pursue a healthier lifestyle

Shaul Siboni
Teacher for life
2 years ago

Besides being an excellent osteopath, Ian tries to teach you what you need to do to live right and he explains how everything is connected. Ian is doing all of this during a treatment session and he tries to do this with a lot of humor. He tries to treat you as a whole person and not looking just at the problem you have.

Nadav Brand
Such a deep understanding
2 years ago

Ian helped me when I had a broken back when I was 23, I was about to have back surgery, I met him 1 month before the scheduled surgery, he told me he could help me strengthen my back so that my recovery would be easier post surgery and he didn't make any promises. I was in such acute pain at the time, I was willing to do anything. The first session I had with him, I was crawling onto his bed like a broken man and I was in a lot of pain and after his treatment I managed to go to sleep (after many sleepless nights). That was unbelievable considering the amount of prescription drugs I was on that couldn't do the job. A month later on the day of the surgery, I was already walking, and the surgeon barely recognized me, and when he did he told me to go home and that whatever I'm doing is against all that he understands, and so he cancelled the surgery. Ian I am still very grateful. Toda Raba from all my heart. Nadav

hazel dobrin
2 years ago

Three years ago I fell and broke three fingers in my right hand. Following an operation which left my handy slightly deformed and a loss of movement in my fingers, a year of intensive occupational therapy and physiotherapy did not improve the situation. I was fortunate to have found Ian Wright who worked on my hand patiently with dedication and skill and I'm happy to say that I have much more movement in my hand. He is a good caring man relating not only to the specific problem but your overall health.

Sherin Sernov
Helped me so much in my pregnency!
2 years ago

I call Ian Iangel... When i was pregnant i had a very sharp pain in my lower back, till i couldn't step on the left foot anymore without suffering deeply. I went to a doctor, to a massage, to a chiropractor, none of them truly helped me, the pain came back one hour after i left them. Finally i got the treatment of ian, which was for me like be a alive again. I could walk, i could practice my yoga and belly dance again. Ian made my pregnancy to be a good experience and not something i just wanted to be over. He's so experienced, i didn't even need to explain too much and he was exact. And ian's bonus is that he always made me laugh and be happier thank i arrived! I really feel grateful and blessed for finding such an expert Osteopath, who is also good hearted and funny :) Sherin.

Doron Zwiebel
2 years ago

The best Osteopath ever.

2 years ago

A great professional. A magician and a mentch!