Building Contractors


Building Contractors

Shlomo Edreyi of  SHLOMOFIX acted as Project Manger for 10 years at "MandsonsLtd." Edgware England (please refer to their website) until  coming on Aliya 5years ago.

Shlomo is experienced in House to flat conversions,Balcony closing,  Shul renovations etc.

The work can be described as Precise, customized and clean.

No Large Job is too Large for Us and No Small Job is Too Small for Us. Ten years Experience in England. Undertakes all in the building field, electricity, plumbing, decoration. New Immigrant, Speaks both Hebrew and English and understands the Olen & Israeli culture. Shlomo Fix 0532345867 Showing some photos of the work undertaken in my first year back in Israel. Double Flat balcony extension Ramot Aleph, re-flooring of balcony Ramot Gimmel, Parquet flooring house outside Yerushalayim. Jewish workers and more.  Please call for references and a quote..


Clients Satisfaction

malka redreyi
Parquet Flooring
4 years ago

Shlomo undertook the parquet flooring over the old tile flooring in our bedroom. The work was exact, on time and left very clean. Since then he has made some changes in my bathroom and can report the same. A pleasure to work with