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JPole Jerusalem Pole Dance and Fitness

WARNING: Pole dancing will change your life forever!  Side effects include a constant feeling of bliss. 

Jpole's mission is to make women feel empowered, healthy, fit, confident, creative, expressive and full of energy. At Jpole, we believe that you look as good as you feel. The founder and staff at Jpole have created a safe, fun, and loving environment where women can feel fully comfortable to express themselves, while receiving encouragement and positive feedback. 

Jpole is highly addictive. Unlike at standard gyms, at Jpole you will not even realize you are working out and shedding pounds, realizing a seriously fit body.

Jpole offers a variety of classes in pole dancing, fitness, and wellness, for a variety of levels, from beginners to advanced. Classes are intimate enough to allow for each student to receive individual attention, hands-on correction, and a lot of TLC. 

Classes offered include:

  • Pole fitness

  • Pole dance

  • Exotic pole 

  • Contemporary pole 

  • Flexibility training 

  • Floor work 

  • Conditioning and toning 

  • Boot camp 

  • Pilates 

  • Yoga        

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