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Gav HaHar Movers offers service based on a personal connection, as proven by dozens of satisfied customers from Jerusalem, Gush Etzion, and the area. 

We work all over the Jerusalem area, and also the Center of the country.

We do meticulous work. Scratches and breaks give us goosebumps, and therefore we spare no effort with wrapping and manpower. 

We take a fair market price, and we will never overcharge you because you speak English or are "green" in Israel!!! A client that feels like a friar is a lost client. 

We'll come to your house to do a free estimate.  

We Do:



Packing with professional materials

Moving by lift if necessary 

Storage service with full responsibility and insurance  

!2 years of experience

Religious management, based in Beit El.  


Clients Satisfaction

amazing service!!!
4 years ago

I definitely recommend using Gav Hahar. I just moved yesterday and due to past unpleasant experiences was dreading the move. This time I did my due dilligence and was told to use Gav Hahar. Their prices where great and they were a pleasure to work with. They're punctual, proffesional and very helpful. It was great using someone I could trust.

Allan Herlitz
Apartment Movers
4 years ago

I have used Meir Safra of Giv Hahar movers 5 times over the past 14 years. i have ALWAYS found them to be puntual, efficient and very helpful. The moves included packing and have suffered no damage. Would highly reccomend them to anyone contemplating a move with any hassle.....

D Gold
Outstanding Movers
7 years ago

An older, single female, I have used Meir's services twice in the past few months. Nervous about a move, his team put me at ease immediately. They were punctual, efficient, extremely careful with glass and totally professional in every way. I can highly recommend them for any move! -Deborah Chaya