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Virtual (Zoom, FB, Youtube, etc) 06/06/2021 Starts 09:15 Ends 12:00 280 NIS
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Betar 40 Yerushalayim

Tour #1

Sunday, June 6


"Bet Hagidudim" (Jewish Legion museum)

Caesarea, the most visited archaeological excavation in Israel offers the largest and best preserved site of its kind in the world. Classic historical levels of civilization that left their impressive print on Eretz Yisroel are uncovered and understood at this magnificent site along the beautiful Mediterranean shore. We will see a special audio - visual presentation that encapsulates the ancient grandeur of what was one of the most beautiful port cities in the ancient world.
Pivotal Jewish history comes alive amongst the unearthed ruins of the past.

We will also visit the one and only museum and memorial (in moshav Avichail near Netanya), to the brave Jewish men and women who volunteered in the British army in both world wars and later formed the nucleus of the IDF. Their story is very powerful and inspiring. Audio visuals and a guided tour will make this critical period in Jewish history come alive for us.

This is a casual walking day
Please bring lunch

Depart 9:00 from the Inbal hotel.
Return approx. 5:00
Cost: 280 shekels.

Tour #2

Sunday, June 20

Ramla - Lod guided tour

Latrun museum/memorial

We shall be the guests of the very special people of the "Garinim Toranim” of both Lod and of Ramla. We will be guided by local pioneers through both towns to see, hear and feel what has transpired and is happening in these two battlegrounds "mixed cities" where much is at stake for the entire country. This will be a very rare and memorable experience, not to be missed.

We will also visit "Latrun", the site of the main battle for the road to Yeushalayim in 1948. Today, it is the home base of the armored Corps with a spectacular museum, audio visual presentations and very moving memorials. It is the number one military museum and memorial in Israel. Located in the biblical valley of Ayalon, the battles of Joshua and the Maccabees are a direct line to the battles waged by their brave descendants in 1948.

It all comes alive!

Departure at 9:00

Return approx. 5:00

Cost; 250 shekels

Bring lunch

Tour # 3

Monday, July 12

Stargazing in the fabulous Rimon Crater

Tel Lachish excavations

Largest cactus collection on kibbutz Lachish.

We will be hosted by astronomers of the Negev and be awed by the stars of the Negev sky just at the perfect night of the month. We will be guided, using professional telescopes with a very interesting/entertaining explanation of the endless beauty above.

We will be treated to tea and marshmallows as we enjoy the unique desert night ambience.

Before we arrive at the Negev Desert, we will walk up the massive archeological “Tel Lachish" and see the Tanach come alive amongst the well-preserved remains of this key biblical city.

Next door is kibbutz Lachish where I have discovered an amazing private collection of the most beautiful and exotic cacti I have ever seen!


from the Inbal hotel at 3:00 pm

Return: after midnight

Cost: 320 shekels

Family discounts available

Bring a sweater and something to keep your bellies appeased during the unusual hours we will be out and about.

[email protected]


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