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Attention Real Estate Agents
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Attention Real Estate Agents - Come join our team

IPN Realty announces a strategic joint venture with one the most significant players in the Anglo community media in Israel. This joint venture will allow IPN Realty to leverage on existing massive marketing channels across multiple platforms, including digital newsletters, websites, social media channels and print publications in English that reach the Anglo community in Israel and those abroad with a strong "kesher" to Israel.

“People who move to Israel from North America or the UK generally feel more comfortable dealing with other native English-speakers”, says Sabrina Relevy, founder of the Israel Property Network (IPN). “When we make complex decisions, like choosing where to live and buying property in Israel, we often need assistance from professionals who understand our mindset and expectations.”

Relevy has 30 years of experience in the real estate business in both London and Israel, and she is dedicated to providing the highest standard of customer service to her clients and an outstanding opportunity to the real estate professionals in her network.

IPN Realty works with a team of hand-picked independent English speaking real estate agents, based on their accomplishments in the industry and their deep knowledge of their communities. These licensed realtors are based in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Modi’in, Bet Shemesh, Herzliya, Ashkelon, Bat Yam, Netanya, Tel Mond, Ir Yamim, Poleg, Hadera, Zichron Yaakov, Caesarea and Tsfat. Through their local knowledge of their own English-speaking communities, they are uniquely placed to advise Anglo purchasers on where to live and invest in Israel. IPN’s advanced website provides a fully customized property search in English, making the home finding experience easier from the start. Potential buyers and renters can then contact IPN for further information and guidance.

"Our communication channels have massive reach in the US, Canada, and other Jewish communities, helping those who are looking into making Aliyah and buying properties in Israel.”

Relevy says that their corporate culture is based on helping their associated agents to fulfill their entrepreneurial potential and maximize their income.

Many real estate brokers in Israel take 50% of the commission earned by their agents. IPN wants to change this formula and ensure that IPN associated agents keep the lion’s share of their commission. IPN Realty executives have a solid background in working with entrepreneurs and creating opportunities for them, having built sales organizations of over 20,000 individuals and developed what was considered at the time the fastest growing franchise company in Canada.

IPN wants to work with agents who share our beliefs, language, culture and ethical standards. We are looking for like-minded English-speaking realtors to join our network and take advantage of our influence, reach and experience and share in our combined success. We believe in entrepreneurship and helping successful real estate agents to grow their businesses to their full potential. This is why we have created an innovative brokerage model whereby our associated agents can become brokers by supporting and managing other agents within our network. This empowers them to increase their own income significantly, without the substantial expenses involved in becoming a traditional broker. This alone is a game-changer for ambitious agents. They can prove themselves at their own pace, knowing that they have found a home where they can grow and prosper in the long-term.

Instead of maintaining expensive city-center offices, IPN has chosen to invest in the latest online tools and management systems, to reduce their costs and therefore increase the earnings and efficiency of their associated agents. “Our goal is to have a network of the best paid real estate agents in Israel”, says Relevy.

Real estate agents interested in joining IPN are welcome to contact Sabrina Relevy at [email protected]


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