Investigative Analyst (Math skills required)


Nov 15, 2021 | Jobs | Other | Tel Aviv / Mercaz
Investigative Analyst (Math skills required)
Full Time

Help solve international mysteries and political disputes!

Rootclaim, an online platform for unbiased analysis, is hiring an Investigative Analyst. The Analyst will join our investigative team and perform probabilistic analysis of complex topics based on diverse sources of information. Previous analyses include: disappearance of flight MH370, murder cases, identification of COVID-19 via symptoms, treatments for COVID-19, Syrian chemical attacks.

The position is full time, located in our Tel Aviv offices.

NO prior experience required.


• Exceptional capabilities for rational thinking, reasoning, and thorough research and analysis.

• Good understanding of math and probability.

• Record of academic (or similar) excellence.

If interested, please send your resume and your psychometric test score (or equivalent e.g. SAT) to [email protected]


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