New Israeli Educational Stamps


New Israeli Educational Stamps

Hi Everyone!

I posted online images of the new Israeli stamps that

will be issued in February 2024.

Under each stamp is a link to a Hebrew / English PDF file

with information about the stamp.

Embroidery in Eretz Israel

* Judaica Embroidery

* Yemenite Embroidery

Ramat Hanadiv

* Nature Park

* Memorial Gardens

* Baron Benjamin Edmond De Rothschild

* Israel Youth Hostels

* Israel Security Agency

* Joint Issue: Israel - India

Purim Festival - Holi Festival

* Animals from the Bible

ATM Machine Label

Please share. Thank You!

Please continue to pray for and support Israel.

May the wounded have a complete and speedy recovery.

May the hostages be freed now.

May God protect the IDF, the police, the security forces

and all of Am Yisrael.

Have a good day,


[email protected]


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