Neve Shalem: Assisted living for seniors in Jerusalem


Neve Shalem: Assisted living for seniors in Jerusalem

Neve Shalem is a qualitative residential center, located in the prestigious and quiet neighborhood of Arnona in Jerusalem.

Neve Shalem allows you to maintain private and independent life, while using modern service system that provides health services, security, maintenance, and culture; this special home ensures enjoyable life in a convenient, supporting and sympathetic social frame, that maintains in a flexible domestic atmosphere, and is considerate of the demands and needs beyond the customary in other residential centers of this kind. The staff of Neve Shalem speaks both English and Hebrew.

Neve Shalem is run at a high level for over 20 years. The following pages will enable to you get your own impression of the technical specification, the structure description, the public areas, the apartment plans and the services rendered to the tenants in "Neve Shalem".

It is important to mention that your well being, health, welfare and security are our first priority, and we will save no effort in accomplishing these important goals. We will be glad to be at your disposal with any matter and question. We operate according to the diyur mugan rules. In a rent option or a deposit.

Koreh-Hadorot st. 27 Jerusalem

Tel: 02-673-7993

 Fax: 02-6516928

Email: [email protected]

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